Feds repeat: No threat of discharge “RIGHT NOW” — BP still running diagnostics on “CASING ITSELF” (VIDEO)

Press Briefing by National Incident Commander Thad Allen, September 8, 2010 at 11:30 a.m. EDT:

Transcript Excerpt

Well, we have an opportunity while we’ve got the Blow Out Preventer on and the pressure is controlled and there’s no threat of discharge from the well right now to learn more about the pipe itself and the well itself.

There are a lot of reasons why we want to do that.  A lot of it – has less to do with the response to the spill than to get in as much information as we can about the drill pipe and the casing itself.

And since there is no threat of discharge right now, there’s not a real sense of urgency to not do this right now, because it’ll give them more information.  And then to be able to do the top of the annulus and the bottom of the annulus in sequence, again, will just remove the risk that there is some kind of communication at the bottom between the reservoir and the annulus.  We don’t think that’s the case right now, but there’s no reason to take a risk at this point.

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