Fed’s on-scene coordinator: Oil still washing ashore in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana

Nungesser calls on Coast Guard to finish cleanup, The Advocate (Baton Rouge), September 30, 2010:

Coast Guard Rear Adm. Paul Zukunft, the federal government’s on-scene coordinator, agreed Wednesday that there is still a lot of oil…

In Louisiana’s marshes, there are teams of up to 600 workers assigned to some of the more heavily oiled areas, Zunkunft said.

And oil is also still washing onto the beaches of the Florida Panhandle, and coastlines of Mississippi and Alabama, he said.

8 comments to Fed’s on-scene coordinator: Oil still washing ashore in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana

  • premurderedGOM

    Sooooo, they are ready to keep doing this 24/7 for hundreds of friggin years? Morons…..

  • Gary

    Gulf War II and we lost this one.
    Move along people only dead people here.
    Beautiful Florida was sooooooooo rich and now dead.
    Long live the queen
    Its flowery in BP world you know

  • Billy Dale

    so should we presume that the well is still “leaking ” if oil is still washing on shore ?

  • Billy Dale :
    There is a geological fracture, and the geological process is not for it to “shut down naturally”, but to get wider and wider until the 2 pressures (the Gulf and the Ocean or oil) are the same.

    It is just logical.

    Hydrological erosion of the sea-bed process here.

    The worst is still to come, my opinion.

    And not a “cold opinion”…this is the very first concern of my life.

    7.000 kms away. Take care everybody

    Go there to see the scintillography (from the NOAA) of the ocean : 4 major sweeps are very visible.


  • I am curious, about a week ago I read reports of thick undispersed oil coming ashore in LA. Is this story’s oil, which is still coming ashore, heavily weathered or is it fresh?

    The reason I wonder is I am not convinced that there is not still a large amount of oil gushing into the gulf from near one of the two failed BP wellheads. I contemplate a possibility where the “capping” of the well was mostly a publicity stunt. If this ended up being the case, we would some unweathered oil coming ashore.

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Your president has been trained and conditioned to obey his handlers. He will not resist his handlers. His advisors and key cabinet officials likewise are disciplined tools who do what they are told to do. They apparently are intentionally killing on a basis of preprogramming and may not be aware that they can ‘step off the train’ SAFELY any time they want.
    An authority must wrest control of this situation from the invaders and CIC and repair the damage. This is not a movie and the CFR media is calming the locals into accepting their own slaughter. Obama’s EPA and NOAA are NOT FILLING THEIR JOB DESCRIPTION ON THIS MATTER amd are assisting in the genocide against Americans. This is treason. By feigning concern by ‘reinventing the wheel’ by redoing all the federal lab chemical hazard testing, they cause delays and thus are facilitating the murder and genetic destruction of a huge number of Americans and Gulf creatures. Even if people are not smart enough to figure this out as they are being so intentionally attacked, they deserve the truth and the benefit of the judgement of scientists who came before this incident. Once they discover what is being done to them, they will know who to chase down and catch, in a legal, orderly fashion. Most of these people hunt and fish regularly, many for a living, and love their neighbors.

  • premurderedGOM,

    Yep. It reminds me of a store owner who has his hand on the ‘OPEN’ side of the door sign, and then slowly turns it to the “CLOSED’ side, frowns, and shrugs his shoulders.

    He doesn’t want anyone to know that the store is fully stocked — and it’s not even noon yet, or that he’s ready to get drunk; he’ll just tell’em “ain’t nothing here, so you may as well move along. Perhaps the delivery trucks will come tomorrow.

    He keeps a firm grip on the belief that he will be believed; and he flirts with the possibility that he could be right.

  • Gonzo

    Let’s face it: the real oil gusher well has not been capped. The well they capped was not gushing, it never reached the reservoir as BK Lim has shown. They capped it for PR purposes. The real gusher is still gushing. But they are injecting humongous amounts of dispersant right at the mouth of the blown-out well to keep the oil at the bottom of the ocean. They know the oil is radioactive and they are acting thoroughly irresponsibly.

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