Feds say Tropical Storm Richard to enter Gulf next week (TRACK MAP)

Tropical Storm RICHARD, October 23, 2010 at 8:00 a.m. EDT:

5 comments to Feds say Tropical Storm Richard to enter Gulf next week (TRACK MAP)

  • Pat

    People of the gulf do not need this.

    I’m dismayed that this gov’t has turned it’s back so shamefully and as a previous article states will get voted out. They should be voted out.

    I hope they can muster the support to make this happen.

  • Dan

    Unfortunately voting them out only gets more of the same, havent you learned that by now?

    The root cause and problem is the democratic form of government imo. It is inadequate and easily corruptable. We will continue in much the same direction, as long as we keep plugging into the same failed and obviously evil forms of control.

  • ghana

    Use your frustration Dan and begin developing the new model. Surely after such a statement you have ideas, better yet goals floating around in the sphere, yes?

  • Dan

    I do ghana, inspired by Beau Kitselman. I just wonder what good it will do, considering everyone`s programmed state.

  • D. Thomas

    Thankfully the projected path shows Richard is not headed to Louisiana!

    for Pat and Dan, We need a new political party that does not allow corporations to call the shots… that is the only way to end Corporate America. No President has ever won office without the support of the South… the same South that is victim of the atrocities by BP et al. We have power to vote for a true party ‘for the people’- now we just have to create one and find a leader worth following.


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