To feed their children Gulf residents “have sold their furniture, their TVs”; “Picking up aluminum cans”

Gulf residents, businesses say they’re still suffering from BP oil spill effects, Times-Picayune, December 22, 2010:

“I have seen people picking up aluminum cans to supplement their incomes,” said Daniel Le, a representative of Boat People SOS. “People have sold their furniture, their TVs, so they can buy food and pay their bills and feed their children. People came out in hundreds waiting in line for the food drive which we organized with the Bay Area Food Bank.” …

Louis Skrmetta, owner of the Ship Island Excursions ferry business to the Gulf Islands National Seashore off the Mississippi coast, has contemplated bankruptcy while waiting for his BP damage claims to be processed. …

“But they continue to find oil every day on the barrier islands,” Skrmetta said, and he said that does not bode well for the future of tourism.

3 comments to To feed their children Gulf residents “have sold their furniture, their TVs”; “Picking up aluminum cans”

  • Jean

    In reading the full article, the owner of a resort in St. Pete got paid his $1.4 million claim, while the “small people” continue to suffer.

  • Dragonslayer

    Yep! Its not right; they have effected so many of us with nothing to remedy the destruction of our lives. And the entire process is a joke. They have completely destroyed an entire ecosystem and way of life and are just laughing about it as they continue to control this area and corrupt process of payment. I for one have received not even a penny or anything else for my hopes, dreams and life as it goes down the drain.

  • Mike

    I have some household items/furniture I would like to donate… (Ocean Springs MS area)… is anyone organizing anything on the coast?

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