‘First’ Dispersant Study Funded by Feds: The Corexit “did NOT degrade”… “It didn’t go away” — May not have even broken up the oil

News Release : First Study of Dispersants in Gulf Spill Suggests a Prolonged Deepwater Fate, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, January 26, 2011:

To combat last year’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill, nearly 800,000 gallons of chemical dispersant were injected directly into the oil and gas flow coming out of the wellhead nearly one mile deep in the Gulf of Mexico.  Now, as scientists begin to assess how well the strategy worked at breaking up oil droplets, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) chemist Elizabeth B. Kujawinski and her colleagues report that a major component of the dispersant itself was contained within an oil-gas-laden plume in the deep ocean and had still not degraded some three months after it was applied. …

We don’t know if the dispersant broke up the oil,” she added. “We found that it didn’t go away, and that was somewhat surprising.” …

The work was funded by WHOI and the National Science Foundation. The instrumentation was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. …

“Over 290,000 kg, or 640,000 pounds, of DOSS was injected into the deep ocean from April to July,” she said. “That’s a staggering amount, especially when you consider that this compound comprises only 10% of the total dispersant that was added.” …

“The good news is that the dispersant stayed in the deep ocean after it was first applied,” Kujawinski says. “The bad news is that it stayed in the deep ocean and did not degrade.”

4 comments to ‘First’ Dispersant Study Funded by Feds: The Corexit “did NOT degrade”… “It didn’t go away” — May not have even broken up the oil

  • JEC

    The other question to ask..whereelse has Corexit (dispersant) been used in the oceans? And how much. Since the chemical “Hides” in plumes in the deep oceans–unless the company producing the product provides data on who used it..no one knows. And BP is counting no one will find out; the damage is hidden in the short term.

  • soozla

    ..”there is just so much we don’t know about this dark, cold world”…
    Well..if Woods Hole doesn’t know–who does?
    By the way –how’s the condition of the seafloor?

  • xdrfox

    Scientist did surveys of the sea floor and below at the 252 block area in 2006 and warned that this site was too unstable to drill at, They knew enough to say don’t and they did ? Crazy Horse drillers are known to take on the disastrous possibility’s for profit ! Not so far away and half as deep … Some place else we we have not heard about … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunder_Horse_Oil_Field


    Those dispersants are not just a crock of shit—they’re LETHAL…and ILLEGAL!

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