“Fast becoming a national scandal”

The Corexit Experiment, Chemical Engineer Marco Kaltofen of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, August 31, 2010:

Unfortunately, there is no indication if this is the Corexit 9500 or 9527A. Perhaps more information to come.

From the Stuart Smith Blog:

What is so damning about our dispersant testing is that we – through court-obtained channels – used the actual oil from the Macondo Well and the actual dispersant, Corexit. The results are undeniable. Watch the video [below]…

Stuart Smith Blog

The scientists who are going into the field, at some personal risk given the contamination, and finding these materials are really the leading edge of what I believe is fast becoming a national scandal. …

And a note in anticipation of the eventual counter-attack: Granted, our legal team is paying for this research, but I find it offensive that anyone would use that to discount the findings. First, these are professionals with integrity maintained over distinguished careers. And also think about this: We intend to introduce these findings into a court of law as evidence, so any tiny mistake in procedure and the court tosses out some very expensive work. So these scientists are careful, diligent and unfortunately are finding that our fears are justified.

Read the blog post here.

See also: Biological Oceanographer: “GREAT CONCERN” over the many recent *UNUSUAL* fish kills that have “covered the ENTIRE WATER COLUMN”

7 comments to *FIRST TESTS RELEASED USING BP’S ACTUAL CRUDE MIXED WITH COREXIT* Water picks up 3500% more of oil’s MOST TOXIC chemicals (VIDEO)

  • xdrfox

    I Disagree ! When EPA Says Gulf Dispersants Not More Toxic Than Oil ?
    To Gulf Oil Spill on Monday, August 02, 2010 11:08

  • premurdered

    According to my visions, the GOM it’s land, and it’s people are marked for death. We see many cultures around the world where in certain areas of extreme toxicity, people die off. It’s that simple. Look at places like La Oroya, Peru or the Niger Delta oil or Dzerzhinsk, Russia where the life span is 40 years old. Just because we consider ourselves above living in this kind of polluted enviroment, does not mean we won’t. Most Americans don’t realize that the US is second only to China regarding pollution. I have studied the industrial wasteland here, and it’s not a pretty picture. There are tons and tons of toxic sites hidden and “built over” in the US. There are cancer clusters everywhere. Most of Americas beaches are marked for health hazards, but the gov’t. never says or does anything about it. Superfund sites litter the country. The drinking water is not safe, contrary to popular belief. And so on…… Now we have the ultimate betrayal by the corporation called America. This is what you get when lawyers run the country. The murder of the GOM and it’s people and wildlife and sealife. So where is the outrage? Do you see all the dead things? Do you not realize that YOU AND YOUR FAMILY are next? That you have been sold out, written off…. I tried to get people to stand up for themselves down here, they didn’t even blink. I will leave this place soon. But I will never forget the suffering of the innocent. P.S.: Don’t bother getting off that cell phone. The beaches are open and the water is fine. In fact why don’t you take a swim……

  • xdrfox

    Public health disaster of frightening proportions: The Gulf …
    Sunday, August 01, 2010 …

  • xdrfox

    Corexit Being Used On The East Coast ?? …
    Thursday, August 19, 2010 …

  • F all oily sellout cretins

    I agree pre, its pretty sad how people will just ignore things and think someone else will take care of it. That stuff is getting carried by rain to other areas. I have actually had a family member ask me the other day “what good is it to know?” – uhh what about the children at the beaches playing in it? They don’t deserve someone looking out for them?
    I have been wanting to go to the Gulf and go along the beaches with a bullhorn and tell people, and I was afraid that I’d get sick from being there. Now I’m sick here, 600 miles north of there, from God knows what. If I had gone down there instead of typing loudly at all the coverup artissts in the media, maybe I could have actually done something worth being poisoned for.
    Its not just this either, Americans just flat don’t care about each other anymore. The sad part is they still expect someone will care about them when it’s their turn. I can assure them that nobody will. I have been ostracized and isolated and persecuted just for not following the lemming crowd, well people will eventually NOT BE ABLE TO IGNORE IT ANY LONGER, like whats happening in the Gulf.
    This is probably just anecodtal but I have an (ex) friend who used to live in Mobile. He also works for Transocean and has been on the exact spot of the spill. The day of the explosion he’s fishing in a lake up here, not a worry in the world. Later, he tells me “I don’t give a F***, they pay me a lot of money” – not even caring about all the people he used to know where he lived are all getting sick. He really doesn’t care, but he of course expects people to care about his bank account or stock options. Sickeniong crap really, and they all deserve whats coming at this point, IMO (not everybody obviously but the mass “media” majority)

    end of rant *shrug*

  • The sad part is they still expect someone will care about them when it’s

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