Fish numbers triple in sample area? Scientists have “concerns that some losses might not become visible for a year or more”

Researcher: Fish numbers triple after oil spill fishing closures, Press Register, November 07, 2010 (Emphasis added):

Roy Crabtree, who supervises Gulf fisheries for the National Marine Fisheries Service… said, there are many variables that might explain the increased fish numbers seen off Alabama and Mississippi. Chief among them, he said, is the possibility that some fish were displaced by oil.

“… I can’t comment on what effect it may have had on fish stocks because we don’t have any numbers yet,” said Crabtree. “There could be several reasons there are more fish in the areas they are sampling.” …

Ken Heck, also of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab…  said there were still concerns that some losses might not become visible for a year or more. …

Michael Carron… agreed that any problems would be revealed during the next several years.

“The research to track this stuff is really import. It’s probably going to be three or four years before we know anything for sure,” Carron said.

Read the report here.

From October 27:State officials admit: “Worried about FISHERY COLLAPSES, based on the collapse of the herring fishery” after the Exxon Valdez

4 comments to Fish numbers triple in sample area? Scientists have “concerns that some losses might not become visible for a year or more”

  • In 3-4 years many claimants will have died — before compensation, but too late to prove carcinogenic oil and dispersant are the culprit, rather than other products used: Examples: sitting in rush hour traffic on roads made from petroleum; burning gaseous fumes from vehicles; breathing in concrete particles as construction crews build barriers and drill; fumes from charcoal as you barbeque….

  • ghana,

    You need to take the pine box and use it for someone else. I am on the side of the people who live along the GOM and who are suffering.

    In my message above, I’m telling you how evil I feel the BP elite are: That is how they’re probably thinking — to delay compensation to you and you die before you are compensated.

    The BP executives have already hinted that there is no way to place the blame for your ills on them: They can say any of the activities above produced your symptons, rather than owning up to their guilt. They’ve been doing this all along.

    BTW, it is now against the law to threaten a person online; you just threatened me with your “pine box” comment — and that is enough to attract the FBI. Yes. Right here — right now.

    You have threatened me and others multiple times, and I don’t think any of us know if you will carryout your threats or not, and this creates a dangerous situation for you.

    Frankly, I pray you will be arrested before you really do kill someone. I daresay the FBI or CIA won’t ‘second guess’ your motives or capabilities. People are being arrested in their homes everyday because they have threatened others online. You just did that.

    I am not a BP executive or explorer. I’m a very sick elderly person hooked up to an oxygen machine: I know what it’s like to have respiratory disease, and I am synpathetic to those who are trapped in the GOM — breathing air that will certainly destroy their lungs.

  • ghana,

    Not so smart. I saved your comment to several computers: My computer, my Alaskan friends computer, and a friends computer.

    Once you strike the keyboard, you leave a mark. You will never destroy the comment where you threatened me with a pine box.

    HOW are YOU ABLE to ERASE YOUR MESSAGES from the COMMENTS BOARD at I anticipated your attempt to destroy the evidence of your threat so saved it, and had several of my friends do likewise.

    I remembered how you had made threatening comments previously, but the comments disappeared.

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