Fisherman: “Alarming reports that so many people are ill and remain ill and have the very same symptoms”

“We’re Poisoned. We’re Sick.”, Dahr Jamial and Erika Blumenfeld for Truhout, February 15, 2011:

… Shirley Tillman from Pass Christian, Mississippi, and former BP Vessels of Opportunity oil cleanup worker wrote me recently:

“You can’t even go to the store without seeing sick people! You can hear them talking to people and they think they have the flu or a virus. I saw a girl that works at a local store yesterday that had to leave work because she was so sick! Others, throughout the entire store were hacking & coughing. It’s crazy that this has been allowed to happen to all of us!”

Denise Rednour, from Long Beach, Mississippi, has been suffering symptoms of toxic chemical exposure for months.

“I have pain in my stomach, stabbing pains, in isolated areas,” she told me. “Now I have a bruising rash all around my stomach. I’ve had shingles before, and that was like a rash … but this looks like bleeding under the skin. The sharp stabbing pain is all over my abdomen where this discoloration is. It’s in my armpits and around my breasts. I have this dry hacking cough, my sinuses are swelling up – not snotty nose or congestion, but the inside of my nose is swelling to where it’s almost closed. I also have an insatiable thirst. This has been going on, almost constantly, for about 2 months. It’s never gone away entirely. Sometimes I feel a little better, but it’s always with me.”

Independent blood testing by environmental groups and independent scientists along the Gulf is finding exceedingly high concentrations of these chemicals in people’s veins … people who live near the Coast, former BP cleanup workers and even one man who lives 100 miles from the coast … everyone is testing positive with BP’s toxic chemicals in their blood stream.

George Parker, a commercial fisherman in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, wrote me:

“Dahr I wish to express our thanks to you for keeping this in the public eye. Since the alleged end of Deepwater Horizon fiasco, the ‘all clear’ was pronounced, and the truth is slipping away and the public is being put to sleep again … The ‘all clear’ has been sounded, yet they may as well be the Emperors New Clothes, because something is very wrong here. Something horrible is happening. And I fear for those on the coast but also those that consume what may very well be what Agent Orange was to Vietnam, Corexit is to America. Intuitively, I fear that we are unleashing a monster.” …

[“I]t is most difficult to get any of our local officials, or news agencies
for that matter, to comment on these alarming reports that so many
people are ill and remain ill and have the very same symptoms

Read the report here.

2 comments to Fisherman: “Alarming reports that so many people are ill and remain ill and have the very same symptoms”

  • cr

    SO when is BP going to get divested and the carcass divided up amongst the Gulf Coast residents affected.
    And when is the MSM going to get its sorry ass back on the story?

  • turtledove

    Must re-read “Waiting for Godot”, or, evolve and look only to ourselves and one another.
    BP does whatever. msm isn’t actual media. gov’t will let you rot. that sums it up.

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