Fisherman finding dead fish of “species they have NEVER SEEN BEFORE” (VIDEO)

State says recent fish kills “not a concern”, FOX 8 New Orleans, September 21, 2010:

If it is just oxygen, and if it is just the heat of the sun causing this, then that’s great. But the fishermen don’t think so. They’re seeing species they have never seen before,” said Nungesser.

15 comments to Fisherman finding dead fish of “species they have NEVER SEEN BEFORE” (VIDEO)

  • Mark

    You would think pelicans and other sea birds would be all over these fish eating them if it was just oxygen depletion or warm water kill! However they are not because the animals know the fish are poisoned and will not touch them people wake up this is not warm water kills its corexit 9500 and oil mixture kills and our FDA and EPA and Government president is looking the other way people are getting sick however not one news station caries that information. What is wrong with the united states people why are we allowing this. Hole cities should rise up and fight yet really nothing is being done are we all under a evil spell of apathy!

  • Its about time we all remember what the Scriptures said about this time period we are now living so many thousands of years ago.
    For the love of money by these greedy people that now rule the world the whole world has been defiled.Isa.24:1-6 Even the fish of the sea will be taken away by their greed.

  • Outraged

    I have to ask just how stupid they believe we are? They release all that oil into the Gulf, then spay unknown amounts of the Corexist all over and we are still suppose to believe the fish are dying of depleted oxygen and warm water!?!? ROLFLMAO!! As if, you scum bags! WE ARE NOT ALL THAT STUPID AND SOME OF US ARE ON TO YOU!! You may think you are on your way of getting rid of us but you may have a few surprises in store! Let the battle begin!

  • woody

    Mark pelicans and most seabirds don’t eat dead fish and if cities are holes no one would see them

    Outraged if we spay the corexist would that neutralize it, or make it unable to have baby corexist

    Before you spout off you should use spellcheck ….. that is if you want to be taken seriously… correct grammar and punctuation might convince people that you are not as stupid as if you just had to ask

    By the way they didn’t release that oil willy nilly into the gulf there was an accident, people died, an environmental catastrophe occurred. it wasn’t planned it wasn’t predictable it was a mistake. BP tried to contain the problem as best as they knew how and were allowed to do by the federal government and under the direction of the incident command the USCG. There is no precedent for this type of calamity no play book or master plan. At least they are accepting culpability and responsibility. I worked the spill cleanup and it was very organized and no expense was spared to do the right thing. To clean up the oil to the best of there ability with the resources at hand. Could it have been done better? Probably. Have we seen the end of this probably not. I know i will continue to support BP and its partners so they can be profitable and continue to pay for this mistake, We must be proactive not reactive support will ensure continued resources.

  • Woody,

    It sounds like they really got to you!

    Perhaps you will recover, but you must get a conscience immediately afterwards.

    And, if you haven’t noticed — we’re not brain dead.

  • Sean

    “Mark pelicans and most seabirds don’t eat dead fish and if cities are holes no one would see them

    Outraged if we spay the corexist would that neutralize it, or make it unable to have baby corexist”

    Woody, you shouldn’t be criticizing anyone’s grammar or punctuation. You have the grammar and punctuation skills of a not-very-bright 3rd grader, and an intellect to match.

  • Joyce

    Woody, it seems to those who want truth and NOT more lies, are more willing to
    accept those who aren’t perfect in spelling. You made mistakes in your remarks
    also. I wouldn’t trade the mistakes in spelling for a disbeliever as yourself.
    You are a mimic, a parrot who keeps saying what his owner tells him to. Over and
    over. We have already heard the spiel you are spewing. We are FED UP with
    LIES!!! Perhaps you would be better suited to go someplace else where they would
    pat you on the back for your great insight and intelligence.

    Romans 1:22: Claiming to be wise, they became utter fools instead.

  • Mike

    Woody you tool! You don’t even end your sentences with periods. Who are you to tell others about their punctuation. Troll.

    BP Didn’t clean up the oil. They hid it with nasty chemicals. Now its at the bottom killing everything.

    I’m never eating seafood again. See what your stupid corporation did!

  • FishHeadfromFL

    Excuse me, but gulls are scavengers. They do eat dead fish (and hang out at the landfill).

  • Diane

    Apparently something is eating the oxygen in the water, bacteria? viruses? Look up archae it is a germ that lives deep underwater that can morph and intertwine with other microorganisms. Creating “new” things, no wonder they’ve never seen it before, never happened until they drilled deep into the ocean and let these things out. God did his job he put them there for a reason. Man is such of “F” up.

  • Diane,

    All organisms can morph, and yes, the new chemistry in the Gulf waters could create a “new organism.” A toxin can ‘tweek’ the microorganisms DNA sequence, and swishhhhh — you have a new organism. It can be beneficial to us or it can dangerous to us. But ones thing is certain…

    Our scientists create the most deadly mutations — the most deadly diseases of all. These creative people are called Eugenicist, and their purpose in creating mutations in simple organisms is to develop “biological weapons.”

    Too bad they won’t use that same intelligence to create organisms that cure disease.

  • Jesus Said; Before I return ELIJAH must come.Elijah performed 8 miracles,one of which had to do with making the canister of barley meal and oil never go empty. His successor ELISHAH performed 16 miracles,one of which was to make a rancid bowl of barley meal whole and edible again. On June 9 2010 A servant of the LORD was instructed to go to the headwaters of the Mississippi River. (which means”The River Of The Holy Spirit. The conflict in the GULF is a matter of spiritual warfare,pitting the spirit of crude (EVIL) oil,against the spirit of the good oil(OLIVE)The HOLY SPIRIT, at the mouth of the RIVER of THE HOLY SPIRIT.His mission was to speak to the water and then pour out a bowl of barley meal into the river. We shall expect to see some kind of beginning to a great miracle of God’s healing power in the will give you some sense of what is going on.

  • Please excuse this omission I will now correct. It takes about 90 days for the Mississippi headwaters flow to reach the gulf. It is at this time (OCT.9 and forward)that we are going to be looking for some kind of Miracle of God, restoring of the gulf,to the utter dismay and shock of the mad monsters who did this evil thing. If God decides to heal the gulf before our eyes then NO evil plan ever designed will ever work against the ALMIGHTY and his power to check and mate us at every turn. Rejoice people, for OUR GOD is about to do something wonderful and I suspect it may spread to the healing of many other parts of our now sick world.

  • tannaberton Abacrombie

    Gulls will eat dead fish, parts of dead fish, and even something not moving for weeks if it even remotely looks like a dead anything.
    Why are they lovingly nicknamed “Dump Ducks”?
    If they won’t eat it, it cannot be eaten.

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