Fisherman finds “lime-green” liquid floating in Apalachicola Bay, FL (VIDEO & PHOTO)

Lime-Green Sludge in Apalachicola Bay,  Apalachicola Riverkeeper OSPREY Program, Videographer: Robin Bailey, Flicker, October 14, 2010:

Substance taken out of the Apalachicola Bay, near St.Teresa, FL.

Viewer spotted on the 13th, while cast netting…

[He] went back & collected on the 14th. It was taken to FSU Marine Lab, but due to it being in plastic-would not test.

Getting coordinates, will follow up & take sample for testing.

See video here:

Credit: Apalachicola Riverkeeper OSPREY Program

14 comments to Fisherman finds “lime-green” liquid floating in Apalachicola Bay, FL (VIDEO & PHOTO)

  • Gary

    Maybe when need to have BP employees drink this first?
    Lets start with Haywards children if that little curly headed bastard can produce. hey Thad Alvin the chipmuck traitor got some montain dew for your treasonous a–.
    None of theses people are American, the chipmunk is retired from BP I bet.
    Make them drink it first if they don’t oil board them
    Gulf War II and we have no military.
    Not that Al Bushomma would help us actually the anti christ is still spraying us.
    I guess they woul dbe anti christ if they trying to genocide us.

  • vspoils

    no offense to the fishermen, but are they crazy? who would eat anything coming from the gulf now? it’s a dead zone.

  • FishHeadfromFL

    I live pretty near the bay. The way of life here is such that a lot of local folk cannot wrap their minds around what has and is continuing to happen. I had a freezer full of fish from last year–I just ate the last of it with the realization there will NEVER be any more. A lot of ole boys don’t care–they always fish and eat what they catch, and as long as the fish is wiggling, it’s fine by them to eat. Sad, but true.

  • Did you tell the fishermen that the fish has been poisoned, and they will be poisoned too, if they eat the fish?

    Are you telling us the fishermen are mentally compromised?

  • D. Thomas

    People from all walks of life are eating Gulf seafood… some people believe everything the government says.

    Fishermen are not crazy, ignorant or mentally compromised! They know the Gulf seafood isn’t safe… but the gov says it is- and that means no more checks from BP. In a lot of cases no fishing means no eating. These poor guys are screwed no matter what they do… talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

    Fishing is not just a job, it is a way of life- it’s hard to let go of the only job you’ve ever had. They are victims – as are we all- but they are catching the worst of the BP oil fallout.

    Officially, there never was oil in this area. The fisherman in this video is smart enough to collect a sample- if he didn’t know it before, he knows it’s bad news now! Hopefully he packed up his cast net.

    Shame on FSU for refusing the sample!!! What do they want, a bottle with a BP label?!

  • Great response, D. Thomas. Yes, the fishermen are between a rock-and-a-hard-place; as you said, fishing is their way of life — and their livelihood.

    On-the-other-hand, I live north of the area and I love seafood! I crave seafood! But I’m afraid to eat it. How may we know that the seafood we buy is not contaminated?

    What companies are selling only seafood that is not contaminated with oil and/or dispersant? And, how far north do those companies ship their seafood? Do these companies provide the seafood sold at the grocery in New England?

    How far north need you live to have access to safe seafood?

    FSU is making the situation worse by misleading the public: The public are aware of this, and this distrust will prolong the south’s ability to sell their seafood to places up north.

    It’s obvious — I’m craving seafood!

  • D. Thomas

    I have retired from fishing and my heart breaks for them now. Most are wonderful, hard working, honest people that love nature – it is the best job imaginable. It’s all over now because of greedy oil men and slack government.

    The gov added insult to injury with all the lies- misleading the fishermen and the public. It was bad enough when the gov allowed toxic dispersant! FSU Marine Lab should have jumped all over this bright green water! Oil or not- this is weird water! This area is right next to the second largest estuary in the US. FSU’s back yard! NO excuses!

    It is unfortunate that BP has some fishermen on their side- they’re happy for the BP checks. Who says money can’t buy friends? But these happy recipients are not thinking about the future; when they get sick – or when the Gulf of Mexico is officially declared a dead zone. The fishermen and/or fish houses may even be liable for selling toxic fish. Regardless, the checks will eventually stop coming. And they have to sign a wavier to get the big checks… if so, BP won’t be liable when the s__t really hits the fan. Who needs friends like that?!

    B & B, I miss the seafood too- food for thought- Some species do not come from the Gulf of Mexico and may be safe- look for those species, but keep in mind, the Gulf Stream currents travel far and wide. The safest bet is seafood caught before the 87 day gusher!

  • I can tell it’s going to be difficult, maybe impossible to know where the seafood in the U.S. has come from. Even food companies and restaurants from one end of the USA to the other will feel the financial strain. People love seafood.

    We can’t trust any company or our own government (or its arms) to tell us the truth. Other countries will probably boycott our fish; all of it. Perhaps the GOM seafood will make its way northward, eastward, westward, and then to the rest of the south.

    I can imagine that there are those who will refrigerate the seafood, transport it to wherever stealth deals are made — and oops! you’ve just purchased contaminated seafood at your supermarket, that’s a couple thousand miles away.

    No more seafood for me.

  • Aaron

    Our government has become nothing more than a corporatocracy. The government allows the corporations to do as they wish, in return for legalized bribery so that the elected officials can maintain their office to fleece the treasury. From the bank bailouts to BP skating away after killing the Gulf of Mexico, and the lives of god knows how many people, our government no longer gives a damn about the actual people. The tree of liberty needs watered, and soon.

  • RobinFl.

    The “local boys” are desperate.This guy was cast-netting for fish to sell & make a pay check while waiting for his BP payoff.So,is he mentally compromised for trying to survive?He is only playing by the rules that our Gov’t & BP have set with this “insane” game going on in the Gulf!
    Where is the “independent testing” or is this a misnomer,these days?
    Shame on FSU Marine Lab-this was absolutely in there back yard!There lack of response is a prime example of why the Gulf is still open for business.
    The Gov’t & BP will continue to lie while slowly killing us with tainted seafood,bad air & poisoned waters.There futile propaganda attempts to convince with useless flyer’s,touting “safe seafood”,is just another gross depiction of where the money is NOT going.
    I no longer have an appetite for any local seafood & no amount of BP’s “blood money” can convince me otherwise!

  • D. Thomas

    RobinFL is absolutely right! Where is the lame-stream media??? WHERE is the independent testing??? Where are the public servants??? Corporation’s pocket!

    What little independent testing there is points to bad air and water.. water the fish are living in- no way they’re safe to eat- they should be protected if they even survive.

    After a couple of months and 25% of the oil is accounted for, NOAA declares the fish and water safe. I remember when most agreed it would take years to recover- that was during the 87 day gusher… now the [corporate owned] cameras are gone. The recovery can not begin until the oil is gone! Corexit does no mean the oil has magically disappeared. The Gulf is open for business. Premature opening of Gulf fishing shortens the BP claims by years, if not decades. BP wins! We all lose!

    FSU won $700K in grant money for studying DWH oil… yet FSU is not interested in bright lime green water in their own back yard! Apalachicola Bay is the second largest estuary in the US… FSU should be all over this!

    FSU grants: 500K from NGI (NOAA) and 200K from NSF (gov):

    Scientists need to put the environment before the dollar. I can’t trust Science based on incomplete truths… what good are studies that ignore “lime-green” seawater!

  • Thanks for your comments,DThomas!I’m so glad you included the link to FSU Marine Lab’s site.So there “lack of response” was due to a BP pay-off in the form of “grants”…
    Unfortunately,this will be happening more & more by BP & Feds to make sure there is no “independent” anything to oppose them.Just another convenient way for them to continue covering all the lies.

  • Chelsea

    Holy crap. They say there was never any oil there, “officially”? Maybe FSU needs to take a look at this guys’ other videos. There are videos on his FLICKR that indicate oil washed up to the shoreline and dead and dying plants and animals along with it. What bullshit!!!

  • Chelsea,
    I’ve been video/documenting since early June & will continue to do so.Just hope the locals(like this guy)continue to come forward.
    Not only has there been dispersed oil on St.George Island,but also in Apalachicola Bay.
    Concerns are the Bay is open for harvesting & has never been closed.Oystermen are screaming about the small size of the oysters (& in small numbers) & possible depletion of oyster beds,all together.The oyster-houses are raising hell to keep the Bay open so they can continue to rake in the money while waiting for there multi-million dollar BP payoff.
    So,again,the local fisherman can’t & won’t win,as D.Thomas pointed out.

    Access Flickr: RBailey10 or Apalachicola Riverkeeler Osprey Program.

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