Florida contractor hiring ONLY former convicts for oil cleanup; Worker says soon he’ll be able to “live comfortable”

Operation New Hope Offers Second Chance For Ex-Offenders

Local Ex-Convicts Can Help Clean Up Oil, Channel 4 News Jacksonville, June 25, 2010:

A local nonprofit organization is looking for ex-convicts to help clean up oil washing ashore in the Panhandle.

Operation New Hope, which helps men and women recently released from prison find work, has a new contract that allows it to help hundreds of ex-offenders get a second chance. …

I can actually start living now. I found some work,” Love said. … “I will be able to take care of my kids, pay bills, eat, you know, live comfortable,” Love said. …

[O]nly ex-offenders who have been released from prison within the last 2 1/2 years — from January 2008 or later — can apply.


7 comments to Florida contractor hiring ONLY former convicts for oil cleanup; Worker says soon he’ll be able to “live comfortable”

  • Mari ana

    I think it is great they re givin convicts a chance. What about the other citizens who cannot find work.Everytime something good is set up it is always to the extreme.I simply do not get it.

  • Are the workers being supplied with respirators and other protective equipment?

    Dead men walking: nightmare’s just beginning for Gulf clean up workers and residents. Most Exxon Valdez cleanup workers are dead. http://bit.ly/cWTW5W

  • Louise

    Yeah, it’s so these guys can go back to prison and die out of the public eye.

  • DT

    This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever read. These guys have probably had a raw deal their entire lives. Criminals usually come from impoverishment and broken homes, etc. Now they say they can finally start living, and all they’re getting is another raw deal. They’re probably not even given respirators.

  • IT

    This is prelude to when Miami Dade Commision was voting to use current inmates to clean up the oil spill. When there was a protest about so many people out of jobs and these Miami Dade politicians wanted to get their hands on BP money and use current inmates, all of a sudden this comes up. Hmmmmm? Smells fishy(oil fish). What happen to the non convicts? can we get jobs too?
    everyday people complain on CNN about the oil and nobody is doing anything. Isn’t BP rich?
    I need need a job before I become a convict.

  • Jon

    Who is the contractor that is hiring the ex-convicts? Who is New Hope’s customer? Every contractor I have tried to work for syas you must have a clean background to work on the oil spill. The contractors said that was a directive from BP.

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