Florida Governor: “Tsunamis are UNLIKELY to occur as a result of the Deepwater Horizon incident”

Florida Outlines BP Gulf Oil Spill Response For July 19, 2010, Governor of Florida, July 19, 2010:

On Day 91 of the Gulf oil spill the well integrity test is ongoing and active monitoring continues. …

A myth is circulating regarding a methane gas bubble that could cause a tsunami, impacting Florida. Tsunamis are unlikely to occur as a result of the Deepwater Horizon incident.

These rumors involve the naturally occurring methane beneath the seafloor in the Macondo Discovery, which is the petroleum reservoir into which the Deepwater Horizon production well was drilled. Scientists and engineers are aware of the physical and chemical behavior of methane in the earth and ocean, as well as during production of petroleum.

Science does not support the notion of a methane-induced tsunami resulting from Deepwater Horizon activities.

However, while the possibility of an induced tsunami is extremely remote, DEP continues to take all concerns seriously and is consulting with experts in all related scientific fields.

Download the DEP fact sheet about methane gas and the Deepwater Horizon incident:


Pensacola News Journal

4 comments to Florida Governor: “Tsunamis are UNLIKELY to occur as a result of the Deepwater Horizon incident”

  • ghana serapis

    I want to know where the gauge they are using to monitor the well psi is located? There has not been a gauge devised yet; got a friend who is an expert at Hughes and Baker (they make high pressure valves for gas, water and oil industry)that can handle the depth outside on a well head or containment widget at 5000 ft and the pressure. An American sub can only handle around 2400 ft. He says if they are showing that gauge at the well head then it is a shallow water well stack they are videoing the gauge from.

  • This comes from the same governor that went on national tv and told people that the beaches are safe to swim in. So the sheeple brought their kids down to have them swim in a toxic soup of oil and corexit resulting in hundreds of people getting sick as well as blisters on their mouth. Not to worry, they have set up decontamination sites so people can wash the toxic iol of their kids. I’m sure Obama care will help them down the road when their organs fail. Besides the governor, BP, and the government wouldn’t lie to you now would they?

  • Cheri

    not sure I trust ole charlie

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