Florida woman: Oil found in batch of oysters while eating (VIDEO)

A Tallahassee Woman Says She Found Oil in a Batch of Oysters, WCTV Tallahassee, October 20, 2010:

Transcript Summary


As she ate them she noticed what she believed to be crude oil all over them. ..

Department of Agriculture and Florida Fish and Wildlife are testing samples of the store where the oysters were purchased.

See also: “Tar” found in oysters at seafood restaurant; Manager admits “appeared to be oil” (VIDEO)

8 comments to Florida woman: Oil found in batch of oysters while eating (VIDEO)

  • Dixie

    Does this surprise anyone? Even the fishermen in the Gulf refuse to sell their catch for the most part. At least those that have morals and ethics.

  • patty t., alabama

    stop trusting them. they lying.

  • AZ Patriot

    no can’t be the “government” said it’s safe……what a bunch of b.s. i send alot of these stories to the news media here and NOT ONE WILL COVER IT
    channel 5 kpho tv here in phoenix,motto,”telling like it is” should be “telling you like were told to tell you like it is”

    sad that main stream media keeps the lie going

  • D. Thomas

    200,000,000 gallons of oil plus 2,000,000 gallons of Corexit were poured into the Gulf. No way anything from the Gulf water is safe for consumption. They’ll say it’s mud- it may very well be mud but it’s still unsafe.
    AZ Patriot- The main-stream media is owned by corporations- they stick together.

  • DL Rover

    What kind of salary does this Pamela Andrews get for her to spread stupidities? As if the oilcano problems are over with the ‘capping of the well’, and people in office can be trusted to take care of her health?

  • Dr hat

    Good people would stop the B.S. and kill or make sorry the bad thing.Oh well.How about people get a license to protest and have a parade.It might make you feel better.Because if you can’t sell your shrimp and tea shirts and disney tickets brazil won’t sell you any more oranges.You don’t need that kind of stress.

  • Gary


    I’m not allowed to threaten people
    How about wishing oil boarding?
    Oil boarding is totally legal dammit
    I want every BP exec or the fucking queen bitch or the Hayward bastard. As a matter of fact that Thad Alvin the chipmunk traitor too. He’s retired fuck him.
    Retired from where BP?
    We are at war people, they have attacked us with bio terror. They have a 6 month jump. You are being exterminated. We being the largest supplier of weaponry should be able to purchase stinger missles.
    If the gulf is international waters then we shoul dbe able to shoot down BP planes.
    BP is NOT USA, BP fucking yellow and green should be red, white and blue.
    Now I’m not threatening but I pray to GOD this shit goes straight to Britain and fucking—————————
    You finish the rest


    THIS IS GULF WAR II and we have no military
    Is Al Bushomma going to help?

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