Flyover witness: “Smell of petroleum was thick in the air” above giant plumes — Coast Guard says sediment from dredging

Fresh Oil Continues to Wash Ashore in the Bayou, Huffington Post, March 21, 2011:

Update here: NBC reports on oil in the Gulf — Large areas of water covered, up to 100 miles long says fisherman (VIDEO)

A Coast Guard press release yesterday stated the giant dark plumes in the water appeared to be a massive dredging operation…

Mike Roberts of the Louisiana Bayoukeepers was with a group that went up in the air on Saturday and then out on a boat on Barataria Bay Sunday. “It looked like a huge amount of oil in the Gulf,” Roberts said. “They could smell it from the airplane and I could smell it from the boat. This wasn’t just Mississippi River mud.”

This is how his wife Tracy Kuhns, who went on the flyover on Saturday describes it in her Bayoukeeper blog post today:

We turned to the southwest, heading toward the reported oil sighting south of Grand Isle, LA.  Almost immediately we began seeing, what appeared to be, large areas of oil just below the surface along with streaks of multicolored “sheen” on the surface.   The smell of petroleum was thick in the air.  We flew southwest, to approximately 40 miles south of Grand Isle and followed the “plumes” and “sheen” north all the way in to Grand Terre Island and Grand Isle.  The “sheen” appeared to be flowing into Barataria Bay through Four Bayou Pass and Grand Isle Pass. We saw only a few birds, one large, dead Red Fish and only three dolphins during the entire fly over.

Read the report here.

25 comments to Flyover witness: “Smell of petroleum was thick in the air” above giant plumes — Coast Guard says sediment from dredging

  • Daniel Hughes

    It’s just shameful and difficult to believe that the CG will engage in such obvious disinformation.

    we need them and the rest of the US military to do their duty by the Constitution at some point … if there is a spine, a mind,or a ball left anywhere in them that hasn’t been bought by a corporation or destroyed by the engineers of the polie state.


    Amen, Daniel. Some people are going to have to get some real guts down there!!! What more do they have to lose?! It’s simply a matter of life or death. And there are far more good guys to call on out there than bad guys in the scheme of things!!

  • Daniel Hughes

    Ahem, that was police state. Bad c key.

    Right on, screw that.

  • motherpeace25

    this oil is NOT from dredging

    it’s worth clicking “previous” on this link and taking a look at 3-18-2011

  • xdrfox

    Saw that yesterday, you can see all the oil out there in the gulf from space.

  • motherpeace25

    yes. pretty amazing. i wonder how many folks know these views are available to us. there is still an “indefinite” no-fly zone under 3,000ft over the Gulf. there are some very brave people making that lower fly run, but everyone should get the opportunity to see the wider perspective, don’t you think?

  • Its me

    I look at these maps and really don’t know what I am seeing. Black is water, white are clouds and the brown by the coast is the oil?

  • ivanthedestoyer77

    Tell them to Locate the Dredging Operation. Additionally, they need brought up on Charges for Lying to the American People and putting peoples lives in danger.

  • xdrfox

    Look for the darker color blacks with the long tapered tail that is caught in current that is like the ones last year in photos.
    See also how the dark areas are near the shore lines Fl. Al. as they were last year.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Looks like what is needed is, independent studies to see if this is coming from BP, if there is a new leak, what it is, and what chemicals it has in it.

    Could the sea bed be leaking?

    I know when I stop a water hose from running and the water is still running, the hose ends up leaking else where.

  • xdrfox

    Has this Huge Crater Next to 252 Started to Blow Oil In The Gulf Of Mexico ? *VIDEO* Monday, March 21, 2011 …

  • Emery

    Glad BP is working so hard to make everything right. Wait ’til all these stupid college kids go swimming in the water.

  • soozla

    Alot of chemtrails..both for cover and dispersant use.Look closely on the eastern side of Louisiana.
    It’s looking bad.

  • Just Me

    Look closer and don’t let words fly over your head! The Coast Guard said it “appeared” to be a massive dredging operation. That is to say… “That’s what it LOOKS LIKE“,(but that’s not what it is made of). What it “appears” and what it “IS” are two very different things. They are putting a spin on words.. They must CONFIRM what it is, NOW !

  • WindorSolarPlease

    This does not look good!!!

    Worse case, this could effect the whole US and other Countries.

    We know there is a problem.

    They should:

    Shut down all nuclear plants especially in that area,

    Find this crater or leak,

    Warn people of the hazards

    Helping those who need help to get out if they want.

    Prevent a possible bigger problem. It is better to be safe than sorry.

    Ask help from the professional people all over the world to help, instead of listening to the corporate people while they put their finances first.

    Other Countries do not want this to get out of hand, hurting their own Countries.

    There is a problem. It might be something that can be fixed, or it could be a bigger problem.

    There is no such thing as being to safe..Close down those Nuclear Plants.

    Who wants to take a chance of the US and other Countries having the same problems as Japan has?

  • wjchaput

    Ya’ll understand that the blown-out well was never the only leak in the Gulf–right? There are other wells, some very near the old plugged well,and many are leaking. The seabed has been leaking oil since BP fled the scene: we cannot drill directly and deeply into the earth’s crust without dealing with enormous hydraulic pressures that we cannot control.

  • TPea

    The government and corporation are LIARS. We the people need to take OUR country back.

  • soozla
    While..we are looking at some sats.
    …University of Houston..
    There is almost complete silence about the spill in Texas.

  • soozla

    lol…i wonder why…

  • American Patriot

    Drill and produce the formation that leaked out through a faulty BOP. This was stupidity on BPs part. I should have been changed out first, not last. The more wells producing there will in time lower the pressures. This will also make us less dependent on mid east oil.
    There is no doubt still oil down there from the previous miss handled fiasco that will be there until nature neutralizes it.

  • John Hendricks

    Oh come on! This isn’t a big deal! Actually, scientific studies show that some oil in the ocean is a good thing. Get over it!

  • xdrfox


    The incident comes at a time when the oil and gas industry is trying to convince regulators, politicians and the public that it can avoid a repeat of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, which was the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history, and should be allowed to resume drilling in the Gulf of Mexico’s deep waters.

    after oil companies were able to comply with more stringent safety guidelines and show that they could contain and clean up any spill.

    “Well someone Blew it ”

    COULD THIS BE WHY THE C G is slow to find what it was and the source ?


    Houston company accepts responsibility for oil spill off Louisiana
    Published: Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    Anglo-Suisse also accepted responsibility for cleanup, even though the statement also said company officials were surprised by the Coast Guard’s “suggestion” because the well is “non-producing
    In three reports to the Coast Guard since Friday, the company had reported that less than 5 gallons of crude had escaped. But state Wildlife and Fisheries agents traced the oil to the Anglo-Suisse well at its Platform E facility on Monday afternoon and found a crew on a boat trying to close in the well with a remotely operated submarine.

  • soozla

    Everything is ok folks…the clean up continues.
    The endless hours of working with the nonbelievers….
    A loss of time… precious time.

  • wjchaput

    Presures will not be reduced by future drillings–we are deeper into the earth’s crust than we have been through a seabed that historically weeps oil straight through MILES of rock formations. Oil has nothing to do with dead dinos and long-ago frogs–abiotic oil floats the continents, is a natural component of the earth’s mantle, has always been here and will always be here. More wells at depth do not mitigate such high pressures as are found. For instance, why have so many DRY oil wells from a hundred years ago replenished themselves? It’s not a mystery. And it truly is shameful that Americans are so badly educated that, no matter what happens, most Americans will not understand the chemistry and physics.

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