Clinton: Relief wells won’t work, “More oil down there than I ever dreamed”; Navy using explosives could “probably” stop well (VIDEO)

Clinton: Blow up the well, CNN Money, June 27, 2010:

(Transcript Excerpts, starting at 4:35 into video)

Wolf Blitzer, CNN:

Are you concerned that those two relief wells that they are drilling right now supposed to be ready in August and stop this leak, might not work?

Former President Bill Clinton:

Yeah. At some point I think we’ll have to ask ourselves…

I’m just telling you, this is a geological monster.

And I’ll tell you one thing, whoever did the sighting for BP knew what the heck they were doing. It’s one heck of an oil well.

There’s more oil down there than I ever dreamed. …

It just keeps gushing up, and It’s a geological nightmare.

The navy could probably stop it, but there are all kinds of consequences that would have to be considered.

That is you can’t basically put in a huge amount of explosives down there, you could shut that well, but what else would yo do that might upset the eco-structure of the Gulf?

So I don’t know the answer to that.

Until that happens, until he makes that decision to the best of my knowledge we have no tool that belongs to the federal government to shut that well down.

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