Four dead dolphins found visibly oiled — Reuters can’t get story straight, reports NONE showed signs of oil contamination

What caused dolphin deaths – oil spill or cold snap?, Reuters, March 4, 2011:

Marine scientists are debating whether 80-plus bottlenose dolphins found dead along the U.S. Gulf Coast since January were more likely to have perished from last year’s massive oil spill or a winter cold snap. …

Although none so far showed outward signs of oil contamination, suspicions immediately turned to petrochemicals that fouled Gulf waters after a BP drilling platform exploded in April 2010, rupturing a wellhead on the sea floor.

Dead dolphins continue to wash ashore in the Gulf
, Houma Today, March 1, 2011:

Mandy Tumlin, sea turtle and marine mammal stranding coordinator with the [Louisiana] Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, said as of Tuesday, Louisiana had investigated 35 marine mammal standings this year. Unlike neighboring Gulf states, only four of those were baby dolphins.

That includes two whales, a pygmy sperm whale, which are not much larger than a dolphin and known to reside in the northern Gulf, and another whale that was too decomposed to identify. Two of the stranded dolphins were adults found alive. Four were visibly oiled, Tumlin said.

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  • monkey99

    oh Walter … remember to breathe

  • I can’t believe water temperature had a thing to do with the deaths of the bottlenose dolphins. With all of the oil and dispersant in the water — which increases the viscosity of the water, should increase the temperature.

    For example, place one glass of water and one glass of tomato juice in the freezer, and check/wait to see which freezes first. Of course, the water freezes first because it is more dilute.

    IMHO, the Gulf of Mexico will be warmer owing to the increased viscosity caused by the oil and corexit — but the oil especially.

    Warmer waters create more condensation and evaporation, and increased storm conditions.

  • Jean

    The Reuters article quotes scientists at the “independent” Dauphin Island Sea Lab, who try to blame the cold weather for the dolphin deaths. These so-called scientists seem to have forgotten that the previous winter was also colder than normal, but there was not an abnormal number of dolphin deaths.

  • love the dolphins

    Are dolphins endangered? Right now the corrupt corporate Republicans in Congress are trying to strip out the Endangered Species Act under “budget reduction” measures–what a joke! I notice that the hard hit Gulf sea turtles are rarely found. There is a federal bounty of 50K and prison time for the death of one sea turtle at the hands of BP or anyone else. I doubt that more common dolphins are a listed species, thus, these news stories get out constantly.

  • love the dolphins

    Experts say SEA TURTLES are getting annihilated from this disaster!!! hence, corporate-sponsored Rs are currently trying to invalidate solid bedrock 40-year national environmental law–the Endangered Species Act. They also want to desensitize Americans to hunting/wiping out very endangered wolves and polar bears, so Big Oil can commence drilling in all the National Parks and Refuges up north!!!! This has been a long-time goal of Dick Cheney & Co.

  • xdrfox

    Everywhere I read, I see the guilty worm wiggle.

  • love the dolphins:

    And don’t forget the Mustangs or T. Boone Pickens — the billionaire oilman, the land he wanted, and his wife, who actually used her own money for the forced removal of the wild Mustang from the land Boone Pickens wanted for oil.

    Picken’s wife paid to run the herd from the land — and stampeded them from the land using helicopters, and many ran in such terror that they collapsed and died as they tried to flee from those sky machines.

    But of course, she claimed to be rounding-up the Mustangs for housing on her land — and even paying $500/head/year for being allowed to keep them on their land.

    What a joke. It was land seige for oil — not an humanitarian effort to save the Mustangs.

  • Dixie

    Why is it so hard for people to understand that the elites of this world have been dividing us for eons? Why do you think they do that? As long as they keep the surfs divided they can keep stealing from us. I would suggest that all of us need to research history. Never was there a truer statement than “those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. From now on RESEARCH your candidates and as far as I am concerned the more money they have for their campaign the LESS I trust them! Just my two cents.

  • Dixie

    Oh and by the way, if the environmentalist are so worried about conservation and saving the planet, why don’t we have recycling facilities all over the place? DUH!

  • xdrfox

    Beachgoers taking a closer look at the carcass of a baby whaleKuala Belait – The carcass of “a baby whale” was found off the coast of Kuala Belait beach yesterday afternoon.

  • xdrfox

    Stranded whale starved to death *video*… on Saturday, March 05, 2011…

  • xdrfox:

    Sometimes it’s just too painful to accept that our marine mammals are suffering so intensely; the whale died from bleeding out, not from starvation — which would be painful enough!

    BP ki*led the whale that is lying on the beach in the photo, and the whale is so puffed with blo*d that it appears to ooze from its untorn skin, and to “puddle” beneath the skin.

  • xdrfox

    Last week, A whale washed up on an Oregon beach, found it had swallowed garbage, This week, A whale wash up in north past Alaska, death unknown. 10,000 kg Whale washed up on China shores …

  • xdrfox

    Corexit used 18 months ago and deaths still

    Australia: Corexit EC9500 and Corexit EC9527A Used, Activists Claim 8 Deaths, Fish Kills Linked to the Dispersant’s ! …


  • The Reuters article quotes scientists at the “independent” Dauphin Island Sea Lab, who try to blame the cold weather for the dolphin deaths. Which is just another cover for the ludicrous act of pouring millions of corexit in the water and poisoning the Gulf for many many years.

  • Celia Thornley:

    Yes! And preceded by the Deepwater Horizon explosion — with an immediate oil volcano that forced oil from the Earth at 100,000 psi pressure, while redefining the seabed and shale rock, as well as the chemistry of the ocean water.

    Secondary to the oil volcano, those who knew better, decided to add corexit to the mix in an effort to coverup the most horrible *crime* — and event, known to have taken place during human history: BP’s negligence and greed.

    This is it; it started with the unnecessary explosion of BP’s DWH well — and it will never end.

  • xdrfox

    28 Melon-headed Whales stranded and Die, Japan *Just In News Clip Video*

  • xdrfox

    love the dolphins

    Endangered Sea Turtles To Be Killed After Experiments At UBC
    By Dillinger, on March 5th, 2011
    Is killing an endangered species ever justified? A University of B.C. research team plans to kill seven endangered turtles after their research is complete, and they are trying to defend their actions.

    According to a Vancouver Sun report, the ten-year research project focused on turtle diving depths, global fishing policies, and the impact of climate change on the turtles. Bill Milsom, head of UBC’s zoology department, reports that in the past twenty years, over 85,000 green sea turtles died from being accidentally caught in fishing nets. Fishing nets also kill an estimated one thousand whales, dolphins, and porpoises every year. To cut down on the turtle death count, the UBC study aims to make recommendations on the placement of fishing nets based on the animal’s diving depth.

    The study began as a minimally invasive project, implanting tiny devices in the skin of the turtles to determine the impacts of climate change. But the turtles will need major surgery for the final chapter of the research project, which will study why…


    Saturday, Mar. 05, 2011
    What happened to the turtles?

    NOAA tracked 461 turtles recovered alive during the spill. Only five died. Most were small and found in the oiled Sargassum algae, where they live for protection. To date all but about 40 have been released back into the wild.

    Almost 700 dead turtles were recovered on or very close to shore in the northern Gulf. The investigation is considered ongoing.

    Less than 4 percent of the dead turtles had visible external or internal oil. Most of those were smaller turtles that likely drifted in from deeper areas where the oil’s effects were worst.

    Most of the remainder of the 700 were larger and known to inhabit in-shore areas. Although other…
    Why hold on to the rest, Are these 421 that they still there have to be givin these devices, are these creatures the new study ??

  • xdrfox

    Oil in the environment or oil that is ingested can cause:

    •poisoning of wildlife higher up the food chain if they eat large amounts of other organisms that have taken oil into their tissues;
    •interference with breeding by making the animal too ill to breed, interfering with breeding behaviour such as a bird sitting on their eggs, or by reducing the number of eggs a bird will lay;
    •damage to the airways and lungs of marine mammals and turtles, congestion, pneumonia, emphysema and even death by breathing in droplets of oil, or oil fumes or gas;
    •damage to a marine mammal’s or turtle’s eyes, which can cause ulcers, conjunctivitis and blindness, making it difficult for them to find food, and sometimes causing starvation;
    •irritation or ulceration of skin, mouth or nasal cavities;
    •damage to and suppression of a marine mammal’s immune system, sometimes causing secondary bacterial or fungal infections;
    •damage to red blood cells;
    •organ damage and failure such as a bird or marine mammal’s liver;
    •damage to a bird’s adrenal tissue which interferes with a bird’s ability to maintain blood pressure, and concentration of fluid in its body;
    •decrease in the thickness of egg shells;
    •damage to fish eggs, larvae and young fish;
    •contamination of beaches where turtles breed causing contamination of eggs, adult turtles or newly hatched turtles;
    •damage to estuaries, coral reefs, seagrass and mangrove habitats which are the breeding areas of many fish and crustaceans, interfering with their breeding;
    •tainting of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and algae;
    •interference with a baleen whale’s feeding system by tar-like oil, as this type of whale feeds by skimming the surface and filtering out the water; and
    •poisoning of young through the mother, as a dolphin calf can absorb oil through it’s mothers milk.

  • xdrfox

    How the Gulf Oil Spill May Harm Dolphins
    Like sea turtles and birds, dolphins and other marine mammals are extremely vulnerable to the effects of oil. There are 35,000 to 45,000 bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, one of the largest populations of dolphins off the coast of the U.S.

    Unlike fish, dolphins need to come to the surface frequently to breathe. When they surface, they may come in contact with the oil slick that now covers thousands of square miles of the Gulf of Mexico.

    Dolphins are smooth-skinned, hairless mammals with extremely sensitive skin—even more sensitive than human skin. Oil can cause chemical burns or skin irritation.

    Dolphins may inhale oil and oil vapor. This may lead to damage of the airways, lung ailments, mucous membrane damage, or even death.

    Oil may damage a dolphin’s eyes, which can cause ulcers, conjunctivitis, and blindness, making it difficult for them to find food, and sometimes causing starvation.

    Ingesting oil can cause ulcers or internal bleeding.

    Oil can impair a dolphin’s immune system and may cause secondary fungal or bacterial infections.

    Oil may move up through the food chain as dolphins eat contaminated prey. Dolphins feed on fish and squid and spend much of their time in waters close to shore.

    Dolphin calves may be poisoned as they can absorb oil through their mothers’ milk

    Dolphins may experience stress and behavioral changes due to oil exposure.

    Marine mammals are our closest relatives in the ocean—it’s heartbreaking that we have fouled their habitats and are potentially poisoning large numbers of these beautiful and intelligent animals.

  • xdrfox

    Published May 21, 2010

    Right now between 1,400 and 1,660 sperm whales live year-round in the Gulf of Mexico, making up a distinct population from other Atlantic Ocean groups, in which males make yearly migrations.

    Whales May Be Choked, Drowned, and Poisoned

    Oil spills can affect sperm whales and other cetaceans, including dolphins, in a number of ways.

    For starters, the marine mammals have to surface to breathe, and if they come up through an oil slick, they can suck the toxic substance into their lungs.

    Also, the fumes on the surface of the water after a recent spill can be powerful enough to knock out full-grown whales, causing them to drown. (Read an eyewitness account of smelling the Gulf oil spill.)

    Finally, the oil can taint the toothed whales’ prey—fish and squid—affecting the whales’ diets and hurting their chances of raising healthy calves. (See pictures of a sperm whale eating a giant squid.)

    “The chemicals in the oil product that move up through the food web are a great concern for us,” said Teri Rowles, coordinator of NOAA’s marine-mammal health and stranding response program.

    Previous studies have shown that at least some of the Gulf of Mexico sperm whales are known to hang around where the Deepwater Horizon oil rig was located before it exploded on April 20, triggering the spill.

    “Between 2000 and 2005, about 300 [sperm] whales were seen on a consistent basis right in that area,” Texas Tech’s Godard-Codding said.

  • xdrfox

    Whale found dead north of Agadir, southwest Morocco
    Agadir – A dead whale weighting around 20 tonnes was found dead on Friday on a beach north of the Atlantic city of Agadir.
    The 15 meter long whale was found stranded in the beach of Anza, north of Agadir.

    The causes and circumstances of its death are not yet defined.

    The city is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, near the foot of the Atlas Mountains, just north of the point where the Souss River flows into the ocean.

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