FOX: Woman suffering paralysis in face “induced by heavy metals” — Tests show high levels of benzene, xylene and other chemicals (VIDEO)

Federal health experts seeking participants for oil spill study, Fox 8 New Orleans, February 28, 2011:

… “It turned it upside down, I have a 16 year old which is at home, I can’t do anything with her,” said Bridge City resident Helena Davis. Though she had no involvement in the cleanup or the fishing industry, she maintains that since April 29, 2010 she has been ill with a disease that’s affecting her appearance and overall quality of life.

“My doctor is saying it’s a bell’s palsy that was induced by heavy metals,” said Davis. She provided what she said are lab test rests [sic] showing high levels of benzene, xylene and other chemicals in her blood stream. …

6 comments to FOX: Woman suffering paralysis in face “induced by heavy metals” — Tests show high levels of benzene, xylene and other chemicals (VIDEO)

  • Jean

    Wow, Lisa Jackson of the EPA finally realized that there might be health concerns from the oil spill. Where was the EPA last summer?

  • JEC

    Innocent people, the “public”, which our government is formed to protect –are being harmed. Has Washington forgotten WHY they are elected? This is no longer a “media management” event, with attempts to control the masses with PSYOPS press releases al la the movie “1984.” Prayers to her and hope someone has a solution to contamination with heavy metals–with the same chemicals found in the BP Oil Spill.

  • A Texas Gale

    And this brought to the northern gulf coast by the same governments who 1. brought the Boxer Rebellion to China (England delivering opitates to the Chinese to control them – same trick some did to Indians in U.S. by giving alchohl) 2. U.S. government funding radiation test on Sephardic Jewish children in Isreal and exposing them known toxic doses of radation (known as the ring worm children in the 1950’s. And the list goes on and on – there is good and evil in this world so speak up – as dead fish go with the flow – learn to use your mind and voice as a way to swim against the tide.

  • xdrfox

    They know there is an elephant in the room but choose to ignore it !

  • Wendy Wallace

    Would anyone trust this “study” by the NIH?

  • xdrfox

    Maybe she finally read the study from the UK and found out why oysters fell off the rocks. (Because corexit killed them) Senate hearings on corexit use.

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