Fracked up: Nungesser pushing to drill for “natural” gas in Plaquemines — A deal with the “devil’s little brother”?

Nungesser pushes for natural-gas exploration in area hardest hit by BP spill, Yahoo News, December 22, 2010:

“Right now there’s billions of dollars worth of gas — proven reserves, 30 years of production  — under Plaquemines Parish alone and all of coastal Louisiana,” Billy Nungesser, who became a ubiquitous face of citizen outrage on cable news during the height of the BP spill, told WWL-TV…

Nungesser went on to suggest that the state government should “put an incentive out there,” mentioning a steep tax cut to oil and gas companies specifically. …

When asked about the safety issues that many environmental groups have raised over natural gas drilling, Nungesser insisted that “we don’t need all the bells and whistles…all these reviews, and we sure don’t need these bureaucrats in Washington to decide the permitting process. We need less government involvement.” …

[T]o many observers, Nungesser’s plan for Plaquemines Parish — a community that will likely be dealing with the environmental fallout of oil drilling and exploration for years to come — might seem like a deal with, well, the devil’s little brother, the natural gas industry. …

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12 comments to Fracked up: Nungesser pushing to drill for “natural” gas in Plaquemines — A deal with the “devil’s little brother”?

  • soozla

    Oh yeah–go ahead.. frack and finish blowing Louisiana to hell. Thanks Nungesser. Oil is lapping up on the shore and he wants to frack.
    ……dumb is being mild.

  • AZ Patriot

    wow and i thought that guy was a stand up home boy…..seems to me the depths of greed have no limit…….

  • Gary


    Send me a check for helping you people.

    2 birds with one spill, THATS FUNNY Comeon

    Thyey ahd killed you in the south, you are dead, your kids are dead. WELL maybe in a few more months. You have time to go fishing and swimming still. Hell! go eat the food you have nothing to lose.

    I said day 3 “LEAVE” you chose too stay so reap it.

    There will be oil wells all along the gulf shores. The land is worth more in oil than dead tourist, sorry DEAD land owners.

    Bye, tell God I said “Hi”

    Al Bushomma & Satan 2012

  • Billy Dale

    Our gulf coast was stolen by the petro energy cartel with help from Washington DC. A murdered GOM means wealth and no enviornmentalists to hinder their goals.

    So what is the difference between this and the invasion in Iraq/Afghanistan ?

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Somebody should legally lock this sick puppy up with the worst.

  • gypsie

    The Great Mother herself will punish them. They are not long of this world. He will be destroyed, patience my friends.

  • Dyke’s repeat of the old saying, “But Big Boy owned the Legislature” is apropo for the present times.

  • magicarose

    In the beginning of the oil spill I admired Billy for standing up to BP and making himself heard to the mass media. As time went by Billy disapeared and never heard from him again and I wondered what happened to him, where was Billy? I even though about sending him a letter. I see now it would have been for nothing.I’m in total shock about what I’ve just read. Billy, what did BP say to you to get you on their side and abandon the people on the GOM?
    I live on the Gulf wirh my daughter and GrandkidsNow I wonder what the near future holds for us.

  • premurderedGOM

    “Billy” was never “Billy” He was a friggin shill from the start. Good actor. I hope “gypsie” is right.

  • Billy Dale:

    Great point! I can’t come up with an answer other than, “There ain’t no difference.”

  • magicarose:

    BP may well have done to him what the congressional and senatorial leaders do to the newly elected legislators. They quickly find out what weaknesses of character and morals these newcomers have, and they let the newcomer know that they know. We’re talking serious stuff here: profiting from pornography, human trafficing, pedophilia, hard drugs….

    As soon as the newcomer knows that he is ‘outed’, he cooperates and votes precisely as he is told, and conducts himself and says the things he’s told.

  • Billy Dale


    you are spot-on with this observation.

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