Free Clinic troubled by MASSIVE increase of patients in New Orleans, Gulf region — “It’s QUITE DISTURBING to me” (VIDEO)

600 patients have already signed up five days in advance of the NAFC’s New Orleans event, while few if any had signed up until just one day before for the group’s free clinic in Washington D.C. earlier THIS MONTH

From the NAFC website: “This clinic will help the uninsured of the Gulf region as we approach the 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and as the region is struggling with the current oil spill crisis.”

Countdown, MSNBC, August 26, 2010 at 8:30 p.m. EDT:

Rush Transcript Summary

MSNBC: You indicated early today that there was something different and disturbing about this one… the number of patients registered.

NICOLE LAMOUREUX, executive director, National Association of Free Clinics:  It is overwhelming to me… We already have over 600 patients already registered [five days before clinic opens August 31], historically patients don’t start signing up until 24 hours in advance. That’s quite disturbing to me.

NEW ORLEANS C.A.R.E. Clinic – The NAFC C.A.R.E. Clinic will return to New Orleans on August 31 & Septemeber 1st.  This clinic will help the uninsured of the Gulf Region as we approach the 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and as the region is struggling with the current oil spill crisis.  Join the NAFC today and volunteer at this amazing event.

To donate visit:

For more information and to register to volunteer, visit:

13 comments to Free Clinic troubled by MASSIVE increase of patients in New Orleans, Gulf region — “It’s QUITE DISTURBING to me” (VIDEO)

  • Boldarn

    From what I have seen on then net regards people getting sick in the Gulf , it looks much like MCS . Here are 2 links for all to check out , no matter if you are sick or not . MCS is a global pandemic looming and it is all with intend by the globalists !
    This is just the beginning .I’ve lived with the nightmare of MCS for 30 years and I know it’s terror ! Spread this info far & wide and oppose all chemical use !

  • Betsy S.

    Yes, perhaps the chemical exposure. But the economy is in the toilet and folks may be very much in need of free care for a variety of non-oil-spill-related issues.

  • insanityrules

    The deniers are everywhere. If you don’t live here you don’t know how sick people are so shut up and go SHILL somewhere else Betsy S.

  • Dan

    Like it or not BestyS has a right to voice her opinion. Maybe you should go somewhere else!

  • Betsy S.

    Folks, this is a REALLY excellent site for learning about everything that is happening in the Gulf area as a result of the oil spill. Please try to keep comments smart , civil and related to the topic. We OWE that much to the person who has been working so diligently to keep the information flowing!

  • sasha

    I agree with insanity, people are sick down there and the people not affected are conditioned to just deny and protect their interest. We live in a selfish society, but this problem will seep into every one’s life at some point.

  • 4CleanEnergy

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but no one needs to stoop to a level where we begin telling each other to “shut up”. Aren’t we more mature than that??

  • John

    I feel bad for all the people getting sick down there. I spent many years visiting the Gulf for vacations and I hear that hotels/motels and condos are empty. I’m not visiting this year and really will miss the Gulf. I can’t see this thing going away! I think that all the people down there who are sick, and who can’t make a living anymore should be taken care of for the rest of their lives. Any profits BP makes should all go to the Gulf residents. The corporation should be given to and owned by the people. Why not! Nobody’s ever going to eat anything that comes out of those waters, and tourism is done everywhere along the Gulf. It’s like 50 million peoples likes have been changed. I couldn’t even imagine living in Florida anymore. All the chemicals are being rained down throughout the state, and the air quality must be bleek everywhere in the state. Air quality readings do not measure chemical dispersants!

  • Malia

    @insanityrules that slam on Betsy S. was uncalled for. She has been commenting on this site for awhile and shown nothing but sorrow and sympathy for the people, animals and marine life being destroyed by BP.

  • I wonder if the media whores of the United States will be allowed to tell us the truth about what is really happening in the Gulf region!? Most of the time; these Alphabet media whores are controlled by our CIA who are trained to lie all the time. As they are part of the Illuminati/International Banker controlling mechanism in our media.

    And our politicians are also devilish whores who are bribed and made rich by these evil globalist monsters who will be in the great lake of fire and brimstone very soon.

    For they will be killing millions who will not be taking their mind controlling and zombie making mark of the beast chip in their foreheads or right hands soon!!

    And if you take their mark of the beast chip; you will be forever cursed by God forever and ever!! Why? Because it will mean that you have sided and chosen to serve their lord Lucifer and his antichrist beast leader son!! Read Revelation 14:9-11 and Revelation 13 and 14 for yourself and see!!

  • Obama and family can cut their travel/holiday/entertainment expenses budget and donate the difference to these poor people…its the least he can do!

  • Sorry John but this is only the beginning!! These new world order antichrist beast devil International Bankers/Bilderberger/Illuminati had this planned to disruput America and have it going into one depression after another to break the psychological will of Americans!! These devils from hell want their One World Government now!!

    And they will do anything that it takes to get it. They are wearing out the mentality of the American people as they blew up that Oil Rig as they also blew up the levees in New Orleans 5 years ago.

    And now they have poisoned one of our greatest regions!! But don’t worry!! When they are all in hell spitting out fire and brimstone forever and ever; then we will finally be rid of them forever!! However; will you be with them for not serving and knowing Jesus as your Lord and Saviour!!

    But even if you die without Jesus and go to hell; they will be in a place 10 times more tormenting than where you will be !!

    But those of us who know and serve Jesus Christ will be given the renovated and beautified Earth; where we will be living like gods and goddesses!! And we will have streets and buildings of diamonds and gold and silver and great bliss and joy!!

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