“Fresh oil coming ashore” and liquid oil under surface — “Very frightening” (VIDEO)

Oil still in coastal Terrebonne marshes, WWL, October 11, 2010:

Russell Dardar of the Pointe-Au-Chien Indian tribe says neighbors are still finding fresh oil coming ashore, but what adds to the worry are the places where older oil is continuing to damage the marsh. Under the hard black surface is still liquid oil that coats gloves, and plants.

“Oil this thick right here, all through these grasses,” said Russell. “Further in, that’s all oil, and that’s the next grass that is going to die.”

“Very frightening, I’ve been shrimping, and crabbing, and oystering for over thirty years,” said his brother Donald. “It’s got me real worried.” …

“I’m very worried, because this is our livelihood, and what we do today is going to affect our grandkids,” concluded Russell.

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  • premurderedGOM

    Matt Simmons said they pulled a switch regarding the leaking wells. There were two. One is still leaking along with the fractured seafloor, approximately 7 miles apart. Somehow the gas from well one [leaking] caused the explosion on well two [there is a name for this but I cant recall] Gas travels underground when they mess with it. This is happening at an alarming rate causing thousands of fresh water wells to be contaminated. Water at the top such as streams, are killing grazing animals and wildlife. Google ‘gas in drinking water wells’ We are being poisoned on all levels. Drinking water in the U.S. is no better than China. The people that know this drink bottled water.

  • Billy Dale

    ” fresh oil ” ? hmmmmm…what on earth is going on. The well was supposed to have been killed and no further leaking however there appears to be ongoing work below the surface and we are not alllowed to see the ROV video of well at seafloor.
    Why is this ?

  • ghana

    I asked months ago to have independent rovs placed at each well site simultaneously to dispell the rumor of the blownout hole claimed by Matt Simmons. Nothing… Matt’s dead and FRESH oil appearing daily.

    You will here of me in the not to distant future as, “One of the good men who DID NOT just stand around while evil was in charge!” I will not live the rest of my life on bent knees!

  • Outraged

    Imagine Obama lifted the moratorium so BP can start producing the “killed well”, I don’t believe for one minute they killed any well. Do we honestly believe anything these criminals tell us, I don’t.

  • premurderedGOM

    They will raise the cost of living so far out of reach of most americans, depression will set in and them trying to kill us will be a memory. It has to be NOW OR NEVER.

  • ghana,

    Please calm down. You may be a good man, but the ‘hint’ of violence in your message has me feeling concerned. If you do anything even close to fists, tantrums, threats — or anything else, you will have made yourself a condemned man, one who is on his way to prison because the police will come for you. If not today — then tomorrow.

    Please do something quiet and political.
    Dress to-the-nines and visit your representatives to express your frustration and to declare the cause of your frustration. Right now you’re feeling like a trapped animal and you are growing aggressive.

    Kick it back with some smarts: Know more than those who run things know, and let them realize that the majority of people around you are also as informed as you. Tell them what it is that they should do. But, do not allow yourself to become a sacrificial lamb.

    Take it to them in peace.

  • Angry

    New Oil more like the same oil from the same well that has really never been stopped They just shut the ROV”S Off and said believe us its over. Now they are spending millions on a campaign of black outs and lies. BP saying no new oil its gone then I guess they should stop spraying the gulf with Chemicals to hide and sink the stuff that is still flowing look they are not telling the truth and the oil is still leaking thats why they shut off the RoV Cameras BP is covering up everything and keeping it off the front page its called throw money at it and spread propaganda in hopes people forget Now they get to drill again. WOW” like we didn’t see that coming from Obama who sided with them in the first place. This whole thing just makes me sick and angry

  • premurderedGOM; did you mean cavitation? Torpedos work on the principle of cavitation. That is why it takes just a few to sink a massive carrier. When DeepWaterHorizon blew up in flames, the massive shock wave returned down back into the seafloor lifting it up, this cuz the ruptured seafloor. And it loosened up cement plugs in every capped well in the vicinity. So, Look around for more and one leak,seep, or growing/spreading oil lakes on the sea bottom.

  • Karen Ahern

    Thank you for delivering truth that mainstream news is not. Solidarity.

  • Gary

    I swear to who the fuck ever this shit goes straight to queen-BP-Hayworth-all of Britain and you people reap what you sow.
    BP should be annihilated not exterminated.
    Better term like the gulf genocided.
    This is Gulf War II against BP.
    yellow and green should be RED,WHITE and BLUE

  • hey guana, it heard a hint of violence in premurdered’s writing. yes, and this writing too. is it not violent to poison millions of people, subdue them with fluoride, lie about their history, purposefully enslave them with debt, steal their babies (with DSS/ CPS and turn some over to men who do satanic ritual abuse to them – mcmartin preschool case, finders case, presideo case, west point case, franklin case, Marc Dutroux case that had 500k people about to revolt in belgium), spray them like insects with biowarfare, everyday, everywhere. cancer not heard of 70 years ago, now everywhere, errect a monument (ga guidestones) stating how the population needs to be culled down to 500 million. so lets try talking to these people, play house and vote every 4 years, mimick TV sitcoms and feel normal, buy that new car that took 100 acres to built (scarcity) yes, they are killing the planet too. if the people do not take physical control of this place then they will be murdered. it’s like being married to a serial killer that is putting arsenic in your brownies. i’m not going to sit around and talk to this freak, i’m going to shot him in the ass!

  • premurderedGOM

    sick and helpless, that”s what we will become. say nothing and disappear. but before you go make sure you drive to the post office mailbox on April 15th…..

  • ghana

    Hey Biscut,

    Thanks for your insight. You just keep kicking back and eating those biscuts and butter and I will worry about my welfare and my friends welfare here in the gulf. I can see you are a coward and you can take your peaceful resistance and cram it down your biscut hole! To believe this bullshit about non-violence and speaking to your reps dressed up to the nine; my fucking rep is John Cornyn and Kay Hutchinson; BIG TIME OIL PEOPLE genius! No body listen to a fucking thing fat ass biscut and butter has to say. They are killing us and I am going to reciprocate. I am armed and ready for any fed or local yocal cop. I am ok with moving on and leaving my family… are they, cuz I won’t go alone!

  • Gary

    Hint of violence
    Oil boarding, oil boarding, oil boarding.
    That curly haired Brit Hayworth is not American. BP employees are traitors and the south is being genocided.
    Did someone mentioned violence?
    BP-the bitch queen and Britain shoul d have been nuked day 3.
    This is Gulf War II and we have no military, You are right NO VIOLENCE because our treasonous government under AL Bushomma sold us out.
    Kiss your family goodbye
    It won’t be violent death it will be a slow and painfull one.
    BUT! no violence, f—– idiots

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  • Oh my! This is so disgusting, Is there any better solutions for this? This is hazardous especially to the children. It should not be taken for granted cos some families expected their earnings in here.

  • soozla

    From a couple of weeks ago…it’s not looking good off the Louisiana coast…..
    Been cloudy off and on for several days..hard to see..
    With all those man-made clouds..that’s probably the point.

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