Geologist digs up “contiguous vein of oil” underneath Florida beach; “Sheet of oil was covered by as much as a foot of sand at high tide”

Pensacola cleanup: last stand against Gulf oil spill, Miami Herald, June 24, 2010:

The sheet of oil was covered by as much as a foot of sand at high tide, said the geologist, Ping Wang. The discovery means the oil under the sand will be that much harder to clean up. …

Protecting the estuaries and marshlands has been given the priority because “the oil on the beach is terrible, but you can clean it,” said Tony Kennon, mayor of Orange Beach, Ala., near the state line. “It may take time. You can dredge sand, bring new sand in, but when it gets in estuaries it wipes out all the nurseries and the hatcheries.” …

“It seems to come out of nowhere,” he said. “We have several boats in the area. All of a sudden 10 or 12 blobs pop up.” … “Once it connects with sand, it’s no longer buoyant and it sinks to the bottom,” he said. To clean it up, he said, they will need people with snorkels and nets scooping it up by hand.

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  • BillyHewitt

    All the information I have to date I believe justifies a warning be issued to everyone in the Gulf of Mexico (within 100 miles of Gulf of Mexico) to get out as soon as possible. The two major threats are 2 types of toxic gas clouds (created by corexit chemical dispersant and hydrogen sulfide) and the real potential for a methane caused tsunami (this would be a double tsunami) killing all people and boats in the Gulf waters instantly then 2 tsunamis that would race across the gulf at 400mph.

    BP called in Russian expert Anatoly Sagalevich, holder of the world’s record
    for the deepest freshwater dive and his expertise with Russia’s two Deep Submergence Vehicles
    MIR I, MIR 2 which are able to take their crews to the depth of 6,000 meters (19,685 feet).
    BP called in the Russian expert Anatoly Sagalevich on April 22nd (2 days after spill). According
    to Sagalevich’s report, the oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico is not just coming from the 22
    inch well bore site being shown on TV but from at least 18 other sites on the fractured sea floor
    with the largest being nearly 11 kilometers (7 miles from where the Deepwater Horizon sank.
    Futher Anatoly Sagalevich of Russia’s Shirshov Institution of Oceanology in a report prepared
    for Prime Minister Putin warns that the Gulf of Mexico sea floor has been fractured
    “beyond all repair” and our world should begin preparing for an ecological disaster “beyond
    comprehension” unless “extraordinary measures” are undertaken to stop the massive flow of oil
    into our planet’s 11th body of water. Russia has recommended using a nuclear devise /weapon to seal the massive oil leak. Anatoly Sagalevich stated that the Obama administration is refusing to use nuclear weapons to plug the leak and America’s main concern is not the environmental catastrophe this disaster is causing but rather what impact of using a nuclear weapon to stop this leak would have on the continued production of oil from the Gulf of Mexico.

    The following songs are recommended for republicans and democrats
    Gil’s song “DRILL BABY DRILL”
    Ragin Cajan’s song “JUNK SHOT”

    BP has opened pandoras box and they can not close it. Now the world must suffer. Bye Bye GOM! Hello North Carolina the oil is just off your beaches, enjoy! Europe you are next. Obama and the democrats banned the bible and God in their lust to embrace sin and homosexuality.
    From a disgusted and outraged American

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