Things are getting worse, way worse… it’s just shocking — and no one is doing anything (VIDEO)

Project Gulf Impact interview (Matt Smith), Intel Hub Radio, September 28, 2010:

Occurred around September 20, 2010, a few days after a boat trip around Plaquemines Parish.

Project Gulf Impact:

Original report here.

Full interview here.

See Part I: All four members of Project Gulf Impact were in hospital after “CHEMICAL POISONING” (VIDEO)

10 comments to Things are getting worse, way worse… it’s just shocking — and no one is doing anything (VIDEO)

  • These guys do know they were sick from low oxygen content right??? lol I have heard Kindra and two other ladies are very ill today..Kindra has a bad staph infection…This should be on Fox , CNN or whatever…Damn Government for not listening to us…

  • premurderedGOM

    It’s too late. Game over. Figure a way to leave the U.S. I would rather be a Gypsy on foreign soil then to live here. When I think of all the times I scrambled to pay taxes “on time” I could just vomit…… Sell your soul to get your kids out.

  • Outraged

    @BeachN cost, The Government IS listening! They just don’t give a shit! The more of us they can get rid of, the happier those frauds will be, as that is part of their plan. They don’t give a dam about us! If anyone doesn’t believe that after watching this unfold, you need to get your head out of the sand and get prepared! The shit is very, very close to hitting the fan! Don’t believe all you hear and by all means, DON’T PANIC IN FEAR AT THEIR PROPAGANDA! They are about to hit us with a doozy! We need to take care of each other in the days ahead. It will mean our survival!
    Peace, love and luck to all!

  • Dr.hat

    You don’t need this kind of stress.

  • PJ

    Oh I’m so sorry to hear that Kindra is sick…she is so outspoken for us all that don’t live close. Why the news is not reporting this I am horrified…so said to hear the rest of you also are sick that worked with her…What the hell can we do…Don’t vote unless the talk about the Gulf Oil Spill…DON”T VOTE.

  • mirror, mirror


    …But not outraged to do more than bitch. WHERE ARE THE MEN IN THIS NATION? Why is there no resistance for God’s sake? And I’m not talking violence-not even just a refusal to comply?

  • charles buchanan

    they are not listening and DO NOT GIVE A SHIT!
    election cycle and news media blackouts go hand in hand. these traitors will be the first to go when the real sh….t hits the fan…and soon. no wonder all the big guys with the long crony ties are leavein d.c!!

  • diamondog

    “Thad Allen has served the U.S. government and U.S. Coast Guard with great distinction,” said RAND President and CEO James A. Thomson. “We are delighted he will continue to take on the most difficult policy challenges as a RAND senior fellow. His experience and expertise will be apparent in our research and analysis on an array of homeland security, environmental and national security challenges.”

    Holy Mother of God- Where does it end !?

  • Gary

    This is a excellent idea but first I must say Thad Alvin the chimuck is traitor
    Oil boarding really comes to mind
    Anyway thats nothing
    Hey! we destroy the gulf genocide the people, kill the tourist poison it, no fish no jack s—
    F—- dead all of it.
    And we drill for new oil on the beaches
    Hell Yes! Its f—- dead who cares
    Drill baby drill
    FREE OIL get a job walking dead people

    Saddly Gulf War II and you all lost

    Kiss you family and kids goodbye
    or get TFO

  • alexjones

    martial law may be just around the corner,when the next big environmental disaster hits!
    kick in to “survivalist” mode now before its too late for you personally!

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