Gigantic fish kill in Arkansas a “mystery” that “can’t be solved”

Ark. fish deaths still a mystery after tests, Associated Press, January 26, 2011:

The mystery of what killed tens of thousands of fish that washed up along the Arkansas River late last year can’t be solved, state wildlife officials announced Wednesday…

The tests ruled out bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals used to kill birds as causes of death.

The fish kill stretched about 17 miles downstream from the Ozark-Jetta Taylor Lock and Dam, and included about 83,000 freshwater drum and 1,000 other fish, including yellow bass, white bass, bluegill and sauger.

“Fish kills are not that uncommon,” said Game and Fish Commission district fisheries supervisor Bob Limbird. “But kills of this magnitude in Arkansas are rare.” …

Winningham said fish kills can occur for many reasons — stress, starvation, water pollution, disease, parasites, toxic algae, and severe or extreme weather.

5 comments to Gigantic fish kill in Arkansas a “mystery” that “can’t be solved”

  • soozla

    Does any one know where to access the results of this test?

  • xdrfox

    I favorites this site at the time of the kill, and this is bottom line on the public statement issued there now … “Unfortunately, we probably will never know exactly what killed these fish,” said AGFC Assistant Chief of Fisheries Chris Racey. “But the testing has eliminated the largest public concerns of disease, parasites and toxins. We have no reason to think fish caught in the Arkansas River are unsafe to eat.” … … one may email them and ask for more inf. … Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
    2 Natural Resources Dr.
    Little Rock, AR 72205

  • Don’t look for any answers. The idiots testing the birds said: “ It was blunt force Trauma,” which is obviously what happens when birds fall out of the sky. I would guess that the extreme cold killed both. Parts of the Country that are not normally cold are cold this year. Dr., Giuanluigi Zangari (SP?) released his findings and satellite images describing the loop-currents failure, thanks to Sunken BP oil.

    Parts of the world are in Chaos, EU and China are FREEZING. India is Freezing. Floods all over the globe. In Short, the earths central heating element ( the loop/gulf conveyor) has been weakened. Global Water and Air Currents/Temps have changed for the worse as a Result. Crop Failures were forecast by Zangari along with an Artic Global winter.

    Birds and fish can die in MASS, due to Cold Temperature shock. I believe this is the reason for the global bird and fish kills … Crop failures to Follow. I hear southern China has had “wheat and pepper” failures along with Russia, so wheat Futures will be Big Money this Year, comrades. Too bad the News will cover none of these Items.

    BAN CNN and FOX … Pure garbage!

  • Oh my gosh! Sadly, this is the first that I’ve heard of the fish. Did they find out what caused the deaths? Was there any bacteria or change in water from any of the surrounding states?

  • we know what you can accomplish and what you cannot accomplish. The well is still leaking, and indeed, it has never stopped. So close your briefcases’, pocket your glasses .1 percent of the water samples and approximately 1 percent of the sediment samples exceeded EPA aquatic life benchmarks

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