GLG Consultant: “Looming risk of sudden hemorrhaging of oil and methane”

Some background information on GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group):

From the Silicon Alley Insider:

GLG is 9 years old, so it’s tough to call them New York City’s most valuable startup. Why don’t we settle for: “Most valuable NYC company no one outside of Wall Street has ever heard of?”

From the Financial Times:

Credit Suisse in alliance with consultancy firm… Gerson Lehrman Group, a consulting firm that boasts a network of 200,000 experts from various industries… [allowing] Credit Suisse’s analysts to tap into Gerson’s “councils” of industry experts when preparing reports for buy-side clients.

GLG consultant Simon Atkins, Senior Industrial Disaster Threat Forecaster, published a report on July 25, 2010.

“The real scientific issue,” writes Atkins, “Is the looming risk of sudden hemorrhaging of oil and methane due to pressure and a cracked pipe below the seafloor.”

“Methane,” he says, may “cause a possible catastrophe if the pressure along a portion of the seafloor bed lifts up.”

“It is sad to note that the dangers are still much alive just mainly hidden from view.”

Atkins concludes, “Even though the risk of the seafloor breaking apart is low, it is not low enough to be not considered as an important factor in ‘doing business’ or investing in any shape or form in the Gulf region.”

Simon Atkins Profile:

CEO, Senior Industrial Disaster Threat Forecaster, Advanced Forecasting Corporation

Simon Atkins is Chief Executive Officer and Senior Industrial Disaster Threat Forecaster of Advanced Forecasting Corporation (AFC), a think-tank in Planetary Risk Management, and a global meteorological prediction and climate change hazard consulting for businesses and investors that are affected by natural-based and human-caused perils and socio-economic complexities. Mr. Atkins has over 20 years of experience in providing strategic expertise in short-term to long-range weather risk & advanced catastrophe modeling, and advises on vulnerability assessment “hotspots” for optimized security planning and business continuity. He holds a B.Sc in atmospheric physics from Cornell University, an International MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics, and is working on his Ph.D. in natural medicine and the importance of electro-magnetics and climate factors in obtaining most advantageous health.

Employment History

1993 – present: CEO, Senior Industrial Disaster Threat Forecaster, Advanced Forecasting Corporation
1991 – 1992: Chief, International Operations, WEATHERNEWS AMERICA INC

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