Gulf Coast panel: "ALL of the speakers told of ONGOING RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS" -- Recontamination from "thick layer of oil on the bottom"

Six Months, Five Shrimp, and One Nasty Mess: Health & Seafood Safety Concerns from BP Spill Still Linger in Gulf Today, Gina Solomon, Senior Scientist, NRDC, October 18, 2010:

This weekend... on a panel for the Gulf Coast Fund... Gulf Coast leaders... are looking forward after the BP oil disaster. ...

Tracy Kuhns, a shrimper from Barataria Bay, Louisiana talked about the thick layer of oil on the bottom of the bay – a layer that keeps getting churned up by waves and tides and recontaminating the shrimping grounds. ...

All of the speakers told of ongoing respiratory problems, worker health concerns, and serious reservations about the safety of the seafood.

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