Gulf family says can’t buy groceries — On verge of eating pet? “When you’re eating the kid’s pet, that’s pretty bad” (VIDEO)

Baldwin County oil spill victim who says he’s out of work and was denied a claim threatens to slaughter family pig outside Foley claims office, WKRG, October 29, 2010:


Tosh Peters… [who] worked as a marine contractor, says the oil spill put him out of business. Peters says his claim has been “under review” more 60 days and told News 5 he can no longer afford to buy groceries and feed his family. …

“In the face of sheer desparation, with no other options, we’re going to have to end up slaughtering Wilbur and eating him,” says Peters. “It’s going to carry us through the winter.”

Peters loaded up his 400 pound pet pig “Wilbur,” and parked it outside the claims office.

“I’m just going to have to keep telling my kids it’s just a pig,” says Wilbur. “When you’re eating the kid’s pet, that’s pretty bad.”

Watch video here.

40 comments to Gulf family says can’t buy groceries — On verge of eating pet? “When you’re eating the kid’s pet, that’s pretty bad” (VIDEO)

  • Everyone within 100 miles of the coast needs to evacuate. I know how unreal that sounds, and how difficult that would be for a real big number of people, but it may even be everyone within 200 miles of that coast needs to evacuate. The very air those folks have been breathing for 6+ months is toxic ! VOC’s. . .The rain has been measured to contain that these chemicals. And they’re still breathing it. And it still rains there.. If this is any part of the NWO plan of reducing global population, it is working. I am losing faith in Mankind by the day…..

  • Dixie

    It is not mankind (the average citizen) it is the NWO goons and their minions that have caused this. Politicians and the so called environmentalist have done nothing but use this horror to exploit and further an agenda which is more restrictions and more control. Remember “never let a good crisis go to waste”? That was Obama’s good buddy Rahm that said that. People would help if the low life media would let them know what’s happening!

  • Morocco Bama

    The low-life media includes Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, doesn’t it, Dixie?

    And ultimately politicians are just whores bought and paid for by all the military contractors, oil companies, tech companies, manufacturers and insurance and banking companies….right Dixie? In otherwords, Dixie, we live in a Corporatocracy….right? And Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the entire MSM are bought and paid for whores and shills doing the bidding of those who own the Corporatocracy….right Dixie?

  • D. Thomas

    Poor kids and poor Wilbur! The Gulf of Mexico is suffering the worst environmental debacle in our history. The corporations have fared well, people have not! We have suffered because of corporation’s preferential treatment and greed… and now these kids have a choice of eating their pet or going hungry.

    BP is toxic to US! Corporate Lobbying is Toxic to Democracy! Americans have lived with the frustration of corporate sway; our acceptance threshold has split open and expanded like the oil from “Macondo Well 252”. I have had enough!!!

    “Forget the Alamo, remember the Gulf-o-México!”


  • tyler

    Food stamps should be an option at this point.

  • Whatever Dixie. I don’t see you doing anything to offer sollutions, I just see you pointing the finger and making noise. Big deal.

    “Environmentalists” are down there testing the waters so that they people can at least monitor their own health and self diagnose in the absence of credible, ethical medical help.

    “Environmentalists” are down there testing the water and the air and soil, so that Fishermen, and other land owners and affected parties can document their case and bring their grievances before a judge.

    What have you done?

  • premurderedGOM

    Imagine the hate these kids and others will have if they make it to adulthood. They are not stupid. Wonder what obama’s kids ate for dinner?

  • farm

    I know how this is by experience. I lived on a farm and had no idea what was in store for some of the small stock of cows we had. We were allowed to name them, pet them, feed them and then one day they were being loaded into a truck taken away. I asked where they were going and was told they were going to be slaughtered. The horror I felt. Then a man brought back white paper wrappings and it was loaded into freezers we had. We sat down and on our plates were were either patty, glenda, and bess. I think it damaged me to some degree and I am still very bitter about it. People better think twice that to allow their pets to be slaughtered–it crosses a forbidden line with kids. To some degree, they will hate you forever.

  • farm

    Today, if anyone were to try to eat my pet, they would regret it.

  • farm

    To kill a family pet, is to kill the spot where love grows inside your child. You’re teaching your child that there are no boundaries when loving someone/something–in fact, it is ok to kill it. How warped is that. I could NEVER do something like that.

    I survived this trauma with only occasional nightmares, some kids may not be so lucky.

  • Canuck

    Something about this doesn’t sound right. Pigs are not pets, sorry but they are not. At that stage (400 lbs) they are dangerous mean animals, I don’t care how much they were cuddled when little. In fact they are carniverous and have been know to eat children. Yes, eat children. Perhaps the pig is being called a family pet and used to get a response from BP, which is fine by me, ll the more power to him, but 400 lb pigs are NOT pets.

  • farm

    While a pig is not a “traditional” pet, if a parent allows this animal to be named, loved, pet, by their children and doesn’t explain to them it is not a pet-IT IS A PET TO A CHILD. END OF STORY.

  • Jenny Lynne

    Pigs are known to carry a lot of parasites and therefore disease. I’d eat plain pasta and sauce every night before I’d ever eat pork. I’m not a vegetarian but both pork and raw shellfish/seafood are bad news.

  • premurderedGOM

    Farm: From an early age my love for the sea and all Earth’s creatures was very strong. My parents fished quite a bit and forced me to help with the cleaning [and eating]. Today, I cannot walk by the fish counters in stores. It deeply affected me. Children watch, listen and react to their surroundings. Imagine what is going on down here. How much longer can it remain peaceful?

  • xdrfox

    Post oil spill, there has been a dramatic rise in incidents of domestic violence within families. In Plaquemines Parish, in the first quarter 2010, there were 32 reported incidents of domestic violence while in the second quarter of this year since the oil spill began the number of reported incidents more than doubled to 68 reported incidents. Experience within the local practitioner communities and recorded in national mental health research predict that substance abuse, child abuse, financial worries, depression, suicide and other negative impacts can be expected to manifest themselves increase numbers in the impacted communities. …

  • xdrfox

    Jenny Lynne …
    Actually Pigs/Hogs if keep in a good environment are some of the cleanest animals on earth. Many people have them for pets. The Viet Nam Pot Belly Pig became a very popular choice because of it small size. My trips to China I saw some very well keep pig farms behind many homes with concrete flooring and waste holes to rake/collect waste. It was also connect to the human waste drop (Outhouse’s) next to pen’s, to use as methane gas for cooking, I ate this food daily cooked with this fuel often. “YUMMY FOODS” Free fuel bi products from Wilber and Man Kind. LOL

  • Make it Whole

    I should ad so as to see a better scale that Plaquemines Parish Louisiana; Population, 2009 estimate : 20,942 …

  • xdrfox

    Thanks Make it Whole

  • Morocco Bama


    You might want to think twice about consuming all of that pasta. Wheat has made us the most sickly mammal on the planet.

    The globe-spanning presence of wheat and its exalted status among secular and sacred institutions alike differentiates this food from all others presently enjoyed by humans. Yet the unparalleled rise of wheat as the very catalyst for the emergence of ancient civilization has not occurred without a great price. While wheat was the engine of civilization’s expansion and was glorified as a “necessary food,” both in the physical (staff of life) and spiritual sense (the body of Christ), those suffering from celiac disease are living testimony to the lesser known dark side of wheat. A study of celiac disease may help unlock the mystery of why modern man, who dines daily at the table of wheat, is the sickest animal yet to have arisen on this strange planet of ours.

    The Dark Side of Wheat


  • Morocco Bama

    That’s a sad testimony and indictment about the people of Louisiana that they would start gouging each others eyes out when the going gets tough. In taught times you need to stick together, support one another and get each others backs, not the other way around.

  • Farm

    Most people who haven’t grown up on a small dairy farm, as I did, need to understand the city/rural aspects of this debate.

    On a farm, kids don’t think twice about stepping in a cow pie, hosing it off, and going on their way. They don’t think about cutting through a chicken yard with bare feet. They don’t think about anything but sitting on a chicken rooster at dawn with all the sleeping chickens who they stroke and love. That isn’t a heathen, it is farm life. Farmers make the world go around. They provide consumers with fresh healthy food and then the government gets ahold of it.

    Now in the city, if a child were to step in a bit of dog doo barefoot, cries would be heard around the world to clean it off. That is because they are not used to anything like that.

    A child doesn’t really understand that these are not pets, they are allowed to play with them, feed them, evwerything you would do in a petting zoo. These chickens I sat with on their roost (I want a tiny kid), stroked, and played with, I also saw being killed. They would take them by the feet to a chopping block, yes even Jesse, and chop their head off, let go of them and they would jump around until dead. I cried a lot over this when I found it was “time” to replace them with younger ones.

    A child should never have to see that. But to be made to eat something you named, played with, loved, is just sick and cruel. It is just wrong. So if the above story is true, God help the little children.

  • Farm

    I meant to say I sat with on their roost (I was a tiny kid), …

    had a typo

  • Chelsea

    @ Canuck and Jenny Lynne,

    I know people who have “big cats” as their own. They’d been hand-reared and then saved from their previous owners (usually defunct circuses). I’ve personally petted tigers and lions and guess what? They didn’t eat me. They haven’t eaten their owners in the 10+ years they’ve had them. These are not, by far, traditional pets either. Your view on pigs are absolutely skewed. It sounds like you’ve watched one too many National Geographic shows concerning wild boars. You should watch more things like this, instead:

    Farm, however, you are more than absolutely correct. Kudos to you!

  • Chelsea

    Also, this is one of my favorites and sends a very powerful message (yes, even through mainstream media):

  • Farm

    Can’t type my nails get in the way. sorry for the above typos.

  • Chelsea

    Haha, mine do sometimes too, @Farm

  • Morocco Bama

    Farmers make the world go around. They provide consumers with fresh healthy food and then the government gets a hold of it.

    That may have been true once upon a time, but nowadays, farmers are a bunch of fat, greedy pigs. Industrialized Agriculture has replaced the small to medium sized farm. Farmers these days are no better than the BPs of the world.

  • Farm

    Morocco I don’t know what it is about you, something is just not quite right with you.

  • Farm

    …”nowadays, farmers are a bunch of fat, greedy pigs”…

    Morocco, that is such a sweeping generalization of people as if all people are one and the same. First of all, I am not fat and I am not greedy. Do you think because one man robs a liquor store, that all men are robbers? Or that if one person of a particular race utters a racial slur, that all people of that race utter racial slurs?

    I hold true with my statement that “something about you is not quite right.”

  • mmm pork chops

    solution: tell the kids we can’t afford to keep the pig

    don’t tell the kids the meat is their pig

    i’d eat my dog if i was hungry enough. whatever. i’m not too sure i’d eat my parrot, but i often wonder what she tastes like.

    & if the us economy keeps headed the way it is, we’d all be lucky to have a pet pig to eat.

  • Chelsea

    @mmm pork chops

    They both taste like chicken (so I’ve heard). 😉

  • Morocco Bama

    Farm, I merely countered your generalized, sweeping statement that “farmers make the world go around. They provide consumers with fresh healthy food and then the government gets a hold of it.” Stupid is as stupid does, Mr. Pot calling the Kettle black. By the way, why don’t you stick to READ as your user name. You’re so much more endearing as READ.

    There are exceptions to my generalization, but the majority of food provided is provided by corrupt and greedy Corporate Factory Farms. Obviously, there are still some conscientious farmers, and obviously my statement does not apply to them, just as surely as your statement doesn’t apply to the majority producers of the world’s food supply.

    Question, what do you do after you eat the pet, and you’re hungry again because nothing’s changed?

  • Carol

    There has got to be somewhere people can send things. ie.. food, money etc..

    CMON! where are the supports sites ppl?

  • xdrfox

    Over 45% of Farmers only break even,over 15,000 have turned to making and having Corn Field Horror Farms and charging to make a buck and some have been pulling in over $1 million a year. KOOL ! It was on the Nation Evening News tonight.

  • Canuck

    A 400 lb pig isn’t a pet, it’s feast!

  • Canuck

    No, this article stinks. Makes me rethink a lot, doubt everything posted here.

  • Leahbgb

    Food stamps are probably not an option. I If you own anything and I do mean anything…furniture, truck, boat, etc. ($2000 max)you are supposed to sell your belongings. Only after you sell everything you own are you allowed food stamps. He’s probably not a liar and hence has to eat the pig…

  • Morocco Bama

    Here’s an excellent debate on eating pets.

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