Gulf Scientist: Oil is “causing ulcers” in sealife, then destroying “livers” and “immune and nervous systems”

Tech scientists hold nothing back in battling effects of Gulf spill, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (Texas), July 21, 2010:

[Director of Texas Tech’s Institute of Environmental & Human Health Ron Kendall’s] team spent weeks pleading with reluctant officials for a chemical breakdown of the dispersant. They finally received it…

The dispersant, Kendall said, could prove more harmful than the oil itself, and scientists at TIEHH are working around the clock to understand what happens when the two are mixed. He fears it will make a toxic cocktail… The carcasses have certainly piled up, though tests have yet to pinpoint oil as the sole culprit. …

Sperm whales. Dolphins. A whole array of bird species. Blue-finned tuna. All have died. Many will join the list of endangered species. …

When the turtles ingest the oil, Kendall said, it ravages their throats and stomachs, causing ulcers. Then it destroys their livers along with their immune and nervous systems.

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