What happened to world-renowned swan expert investigating bird deaths around Sarasota? “Dr. Gardner has retired, and all files have been sent to other vets”

World-renowned swan expert Dr. Geoffrey Gardner was investigating several recent swan deaths in the Sarasota area. He is featured in this September 23 report by a local FOX affiliate:

“‘Our concern is that it may be coming from toxins in the waters, something coming from the dispersants that might have been used for the Gulf oil spill,’ Gardner told FOX 13 on Thursday.”

Now almost 6 weeks later, there is this November 9 email from Lauren Hallahan, via Anita Stewart:

I have been keeping in contact with [Dr. Gardner]…  He was testing the dead swans found in Sarasota.

While everyone was waiting for the report…I kept calling.

The first call I was told, “the report will be faxed right up here when it’s finished” and I’ll share it with you.

My next call I was told the report is finished, it’s on Dr. Gardner’s desk. I asked how long it would sit there before it is shared, or released? She said she is so busy she did not know.

I called two weeks before the election. I spoke to the Dr’s son. He assured me, his father would never “hide” anything, and was very busy and the report would be released soon. He stated if it were “life threatening”, it would of course be released immediately. I said…alright…when should I call back? He said give it another week, we are so busy.

I called today, and the number was disconnected. I called because I emailed him at swanvet [at] aol.com and for the first time, I did not get a response. So I called another office number and reached a girl.

Here is what she told me:

“I’m sorry to inform you that Dr. Gardner has retired, and all files have been sent to other vets.” I could not believe what I was hearing, and asked why such a prominent doctor, he treated the Queen’s swans…would retire without any notice, or reporting? She said she did not know the answer. I asked her where the swan report was, and she could not tell me that either. I asked then why are calls routed to you? She said she did not know. They have NO information at all. …

I know this man from years ago. He would never quit!…

Let’s all email him….and ask him what happened to the report…who he gave it to…and what he found from the necropsy on the swans that died in Sarasota.

Please email Dr. Jeffeory Gardner at swanvet [at] aol.com.

h/t BPGulfLeak

9 comments to What happened to world-renowned swan expert investigating bird deaths around Sarasota? “Dr. Gardner has retired, and all files have been sent to other vets”

  • xdrfox

    Well that answers in part my earlier ? on the other report today ! But opens the door for a host of suspicions !

  • maryanne jacobsen

    Sadly, it seems as though Dr. Gardner made a lousy mistake and didn’t comply with the authorities about renewing his license with the DEA. The FEDS may have strong-armed him into retiring- telling him that they’d make him look really bad if he said anything in the report that could be a smoking gun regarding toxins.
    It happens all the time. It’s called blackmail. The guy caved under pressure. I feel bad for him, but I doubt that we’ll ever find out the test results.

  • maryanne jacobsen

    If you’ve never watched “The Pelican Brief”, tonight would be a good night to start educating yourself to how dirty politics works.

  • xdrfox

    Start testing your water folks !

  • vyuuvy

    they probably gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Die or take a payoff, thats how the british scum work, even the italian mafia wont mess with their bosses – the 33rd degree masons and their false evil demon queen and her hellspawn

  • Carl

    Gardner was arrested in June 2009 after investigators found veterinary pain medication at his clinic after his license to prescribe controlled substances had expired. Gardner accepted a plea deal earlier this year that included a year of probation and 150 hours of community service.

    Gardner’s lawyer argued Gardner had legally obtained the medication and then through an administrative mistake his license expired.”

    Dr. Gardner was set up because of his expertise one year prior to the incident. I guess it was retire or go to jail for 18 months. The Dr. was in his prime.

  • cyndi

    this guy is an amazing vet. Veterinarians are horrible about their controlled meds because they are too busy taking care of animals- this guy was totally dedicated to the swans – the for most expert in swans.
    its very sad.

  • interesting...

    bullshit charges…it’s not a felony to have a temp. lapse in your license and keep a couple animal painkillers at a veterinary hospital. He was an international expert and recent president of the FL Veterinary Medical Association!! He should not retire–he’s only in his 40s… Vets are in great demand across the nation. I hope he returns–his medical license was never in question!!

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