Head of Navy tours Gulf, shocked by amount of oil: “Wow, what are we in sir?” — Fisherman responds “Kind of looks like a UFO underwater, don’t it?” (VIDEO)

YouTube Description: Mississippi Fishermen speak out on injustices of the government’s position on oil disappearing

Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources Meetings, Project Gulf Impact, August 17, 2010:

Part II at 11:50 in

Mississippi Fisherman: All [Secretary of Navy Ray Mabus] could say on my boat was, “Wow, what are we in sir?” [Fisherman responds] “Kind of looks like a UFO underwater, don’t it?” [Mabus says] “Wow.”

Credits: Filmed by Gavin Garrison, with Matt Smith and Heather Rally for Project Gulf Impact

Think about donating to Project Gulf Impact, after all who else is doing this kind of stuff? How would we even know this happened?: http://www.projectgulfimpact.org/donate/

Part I:

Part II:

11 comments to Head of Navy tours Gulf, shocked by amount of oil: “Wow, what are we in sir?” — Fisherman responds “Kind of looks like a UFO underwater, don’t it?” (VIDEO)

  • Pat

    With the Gov’t and BP trying to cover this whole mess up – you are doing the people of the GOM a great service by continuing to publicize this and call them on their lies. What is going on here is absolutely criminal. I truly hope they are exposed to the whole world for this.

  • spirittoo

    The government is at fault more so than bp .. if the mineral management service had been doing their job instead of doing drugs, jacking off on internet porn with taxpayer computers, and accepting hookers from bp to allow them to write their own safety reports this would never have happen. A lot of people are going to get sick and die from this and the government knows it … this is criminal. Charges should be filed against bp and members of the government.

  • Mark

    this hole thing makes me so sick and angry these BP Government suck ups need to be just tared and feathered . They care nothing about the fisherman and act stupid just show us where the oil is. That fisherman should have grabbed that ass hole and through him in it and yelled do you see it now sir. They took samples my butt the only thing there doing is protecting BP our government has turned against its people. We can not trust them

  • Criss

    Gee I wonder who I will believe? The fisherman who lives on the water and might know something about fishing and the condition of the water OR the esteemed panel that seems to be interested in one thing “don’t tell folks about the condition of the water or the fish” They don’t seem to care about the safety of the food.

    Look, I as a consumer don’t know anything about fishing or the water and my heart goes out to the fishermen, but I can’t eat anything from the gulf, I won’t even eat it if I can’t find out if it didn’t come from the gulf.

    If it weren’t for the dangerous dispersant those fools are polluting the gulf with I might feel differently.

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  • Rabbit63

    When will you people realise you are wasting time talking with these scum? The time for action is not only overdue, it is going to pass if you wait much longer.

  • Outraged

    Those fat lying suits should be dragged out to the oil and dispersant filled water and thrown in! They are trying to kill all of us! The food supply is the best way to get rid of us. If anyone thinks the Gulf seafood is the only thing wrong with the FDA and food supply, you should educate yourselves. Food Inc., King corn,The Future of Food are all must watch documentaries about the food supply! It is already killing us but it is about to get much worse! There is a storm a brewing folks! Life is changing, will it be for better or worse?

  • insanityrules

    I’ll tell you about the fish. Back bay, Mobile, live fish full of oil. When you hold them to take the hook out, black oil comes out of their mouth. I can’t imagine how sick they feel. I pray for all the innocent animals affected by this. And the people. Fishing was a big part of peoples live here. Its all gone.

  • ico

    We already have enough information to know that they have screwed us all..
    Remember 911?
    Why would we wait for the truth to come from the “govenrment”?
    Corporations rule, and they always have,
    people are just now getting it.
    Good luck avoiding their poisons.

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