Heartbreaking: Backstage footage showing apparent victim of BP Oil Disaster having multiple violent seizures (VIDEO)

22 Year Old BP Oil Spill Victim Speaks Out at NO Health Forum Leaves by Ambulance After Seizures, jerrycope1, February 7, 2011:

22 Year Old BP Oil Spill Victim Speaks Out at NO Health Forum Leaves by Ambulance After Seizures

Paul Doomm from Florida traveled to Wilma Subra, MD’s health forum in New Orleans on 2-5. Paul apparently was chemically poisoned by Oil & Dispersants after swimming in the Gulf at Navarre Beach, FL and Eating seafood in July. He has now seen 93 doctors, been to 14 hospitals and has uncontrollable seizures every day. Recent scans show lesions on his brain. Prior to moving to Florida for US Marine training Paul was a healthy young adult male.


Message from Jerry Cope:
This video has been posted at the request of Paul’s family… Please help the victims of the BP Blowout get the medical treatment they need… For information on how you can help victims of the oil disaster contact the Louisiana Environmental Action Network at (225) 928-1315 and Guardians of the Gulf at (251) 982-2525.

11 comments to Heartbreaking: Backstage footage showing apparent victim of BP Oil Disaster having multiple violent seizures (VIDEO)

  • WineandCheese

    To acknowlege Paul Doom and all the others out there affected by BP’s Chernobyl-in-the-Gulf requires that corporate media/US Govt. confront the blatant indifference of our sleazy corporate governance AND the oily paradigm that said corporations have shoved down our collective throats. We are witnessing an epic Karmic event in that The United States has done unspeakably horrible things whilst pursuing oil (using 911 as a pretext to steal natural resources in Iraq and the Caspian basin). So karma bites us in the ass-we now have unspeakably horrible things going on in America’s front yard. Too bad about all that “collateral damage” like Paul Doom, the environment, the Gulf Stream, et. al. What a fucking shame.

  • Shepton

    How can you be really sure that the oil spill caused this awful problem?

  • WineandCheese

    Must be puberty.

  • Carol

    May God Bless him and restore the health and strength to his body. I pray that we help each other instead of deceive each other. May he show us the truth of the situation, and give us all the courage to do something to help.

    In Jesus Name

  • patty t., alabama

    Shepton-they can’t be sure. They can only put 2+2 together. And wait on those blood results. I hope they go see the Michigan doctor and he can help.

    Carol–praying with you. “Whenever two come together in my name…”

    Thank you for putting this video online. As hard as it is, people pay more attention when they see something. As opposed to just hearing about it. I will be posting on other sites.

  • Sorry for what’s going on. But it’s not from the oil spill. Sounds like smokers cough or bad meth. Just happen to have your cams with you, just go get a lawyer. I caught a cold, it’s BP’s fault, I’m sueing.

  • A Texas Gale

    To the above poster. And I am sorry for you. I have seen these types of seizures and can tell you the reason they rolled this young man to his side was to keep him from choking on his salvia hence the coughing. When the elcetrical circuit in the brain breaks it can cause the heart to stop and the body reacts by seizing to restart the heart and multiple seizures are called status epilepticus and that’s why the family needed an ambulance. Go look up status epilepticus and then see how funny you think your post is even for someone trying to deal with their fear through humor. And for the creditability of this family, there were cameras there because a forum was going on. Be brave look at this young man’s eyes during the seizures this is not fake sometimes others can recognize a coming seizure by watching the eyes. And last if I am not mistaken the mother ask for a Baptist hospital and that tells me these are people of faith who want their son treated where a certain ethic is maintained and you do not go into something like that lying.

  • Miranda

    I knew this guy long before he ever moved down to Florida and I find it very hard to believe him. He has been known to be a pathological liar and I beleive that he has had psychiatric issues that cannot be blamed on BP.

  • Anon

    @shepton: he had no previous medical conditions and was actually preparing to enter the marines. blood tests have since revealed “oil and dispersant chemicals.” kind of ironic to NOT be of any involvement, don’t you think?

    @inurface: you’re an idiot, and that’s really all i have to say to you.

    @miranda: what does your statement have to do with what is really going on? were you there when he seen over 93 doctors? were you at any of the 14+ hospitals he’s visited because of multiple and violent seizures? last, do you really think someone can FAKE seizures like that, have lesions on their brain, and have the things come up in blood tests that he has? i didn’t think so.

  • Mike of the Great White North

    Wow, some of the posters here smell like BP trolls. I really like Miranda’s ‘I knew this guy, he’s a liar’ invective.

    Yeah, i’ve been training to enter the highly decorated Marines but i think ill just throw all that hard work away to spend my time faking seizures and sitting in wheelchairs and seeing hundreds of doctors to poke and prod me. That’s the life, the DREAM! I guess it’s gonna take this kid dying from the exposure for these BP troll plant posters to join the human race. I won’t hold my breath. Some people are just pathological.

  • The Truth

    Does this face look like an innocent young man that is going to the Marines?

    And does anybody think it’s funny he has an extensive criminal history? Can be verified by the Santa Rosa Clerk’s office at this site and just entering his name Paul Doom, not Doomm as he is going by to avoid detection of his past.
    This little slimeball is milking it for all it’s worth and he is a liar. He has attacked many for trying to expose him with threats of slander and libel and defamation of character.
    YOU HAVE TO HAVE CHARACTER FIRST! The Marines, would never allowed SCUM like this in. NO WAY!

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