Researcher surprised by how “thick and dense” oil is on seafloor — NOAA’s Ed Overton “doubted much oil was resting on the bottom”

‘Slime highway’ of BP oil suspected on Gulf floor, MSNBC, September 13, 2010:


“I expected to find oil on the sea floor,” Samantha Joye, a University of Georgia marine sciences professor, said Monday morning in a ship-to-shore telephone interview. “I did not expect to find this much. I didn’t expect to find layers two inches thick.” …

“There’s still pieces of warm bodies there.”…

“What we found today is not a natural seep,” Joye wrote… Oil seeping naturally would create an oily stain throughout the sediment cores, but these samples only had oil at the top. “The oil obviously came from the top (down from the water column) not the bottom (up from a deep reservoir),” Joye wrote. …

“It’s weird the stuff we found last night,” Joye said. “Some of it was really dense and thick.” …

Ed Overton, a Louisiana State University chemist who has analyzed the spill for NOAA, doubted much oil was resting on the bottom. He said the heavier components in oil — the asphalts — make up only about 1 percent of the oil that was spilled.

Read the report here.

11 comments to Researcher surprised by how “thick and dense” oil is on seafloor — NOAA’s Ed Overton “doubted much oil was resting on the bottom”

  • Pat

    What we are learning is totally discount any govt mouthpiece.

  • gr

    It’s amazing to me that the local news where I live ( on the gulf ) doesn’t report any of this news. I understand the economic issues associated with this news, I am suffering economically along with everyone else, but the people have the right to know the truth. I think there is alot more going on in the gulf than most peple realize. For instance, Home Land Security confiscating notes and samples of reseachers who are studying the amount of oil on the sea floor telling them it’s a matter of national security ! think about that………why is it a matter of national security ? What are they hiding ?

  • Pat

    Could it be existed of another well – gushing into the ocean, which if discovered would have world wide ramifications. If you haven’t already found it here is a website offering very convincing evidence for that very case (scroll down to find several articles on the matter).

  • gr

    Thanks Pat, I am aware of the issue of multiple wells being involved in the on going spill as well as issues with the instability of the sea floor surounding the macondo well. How do we get the truth out ? the “msm” needs to start reporting on this issue.

  • Pat

    I’ve joined groups at the that deal with BP oil spill.

    You can support people and keep this alive or write your own articles.

    The more information “out there” the better.

    One thing we do know – if there is a gushing well still pumping oil into the ocean and Matt and BK are right, it will eventually make it’s way to the Atlantic Ocean and then you will get a huge public outcry because now it’s not an isolated incident.

    At this point awareness is key, if only to support the people in the gulf who need to know someone out there cares!!

  • xdrfox

    The Gulf Stream stopped flowing so it was unable to flush the suspended plumes in water column out through the Stream into the Atlantic and With the Corexit making it heavier then water, my guess would be it went to the bottom laying a blanket of oil/Corexit on all that feed off of and lived there !

  • It is my understanding that the volcanic explosion of oil was caught in the Gulf Stream and migrated around the loop in June, and made its way up the Eastern Atlantic Coast by July, and then on to New England.

    If that is correct, BP’s oil should have reached Europe by now. And of course, BP continues to spray corexit over the water and land during the night because the gusher is still producing, and because we are incapable of stopping it. So, they try to hide it. Corexit gets the job done: Keep it low and the public won’t know.

    The Earth is not a mere storage bin — it is an active producer: How may we overcome those unfathomable pressures of Earth to deliver her product through the ‘super well’ drilled by BP greed?

  • sam

    You know, the lack of media coverage of ANYTHING regarding the Gulf – only 1.5 months after the largest oil gush (“spill”) in history – is really a sign that a coverup is massively underway.

    I live in the Midwest, and i have to say, no one cares. During the 2 weeks when the oiled animals photos were all over the news, mid-June, some people would mention it, and kids did care.

    But on Facebook, i’ve been sharing the untold story of the Gulf and no one ever likes or comments, ever!

    It’s really weird. I never would have imagined a plan dreamed up by the government – in this case to kill the story – would be so successful. Why don’t they put their energies and influence into solving problems?

  • There was never a caping of the blowout, which was massive. they played with another well, not the blowout which left a massive hole. There is a “plume” 400 MILES long X 80 miles wide, X 2 MILES thick tripped in the middle of the deep part of the gulf and more continues to come. When are people going to DEMAND changes to other energy? They should have. They did not. Something is wrong with our minds.

  • Pat


    I look at it this way – every life touches another life. So a lurker may see what you wrote and pass it on and on and on.

    Most times I just lurk without commenting.
    But when my neighbor an I take a walk – she’ll ask how things on the internet (because she doesn’t have a computer), and I pass on what I read about the Gulf 🙂

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