Homeland Security urged Americans to watch for dead birds as a sign of chemical attack

Ridge urges Americans to be ready, not afraid, Chicago Tribune, February 20, 2003:

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge on Wednesday launched a national Ready Campaign to prepare Americans for terrorist attacks, urging them to take such measures as storing 3 or more gallons of water for each family member and watching for dead birds as a sign of chemical attack.

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10 comments to Homeland Security urged Americans to watch for dead birds as a sign of chemical attack

  • xdrfox

    So that would shift the blame to terrorist and not the oil gusher and whats been added to the flow ! “The terrorist did it !” Ridge and Bush have been gone a while now but these articles are timeless, 2003. I think as the Gulf warms up ….. more to come … interesting !

  • soozla

    Ah..BS…chem attack by whom… Homeland Security.
    And while the people.. cower the herding begins.
    What a low shot.
    Clearly an attempt to intimidate the people.

  • soozla

    You mean to say –non-Americans have access to US airspace and we know it and are just waiting to be gased? BS
    We could call our military if they weren’t the ones doing it.

  • xdrfox

    Killing us with chemicals not guns, guess that’s a difference in leaders.

  • skizems

    ‘What in the world are they spraying?’
    a new film y’all should check out, It explains SOME of what is going ‘up there.’ avail on Youtube.

  • skizems

    I live in the PAC NW (chemop central), but man, I am so sad for all you people who are kinda stuck there with that mess, my heart hurts.
    I tell lots of people to go to this site to get some up to date reporting on the truth of the mattter, since the local stations and the national media keep this nightmare buried.
    The Egyptians had it right, some heading for the TV station… (DANG! I was hoping the revolution would be televised ![from the inside, looking out, instead of us looking in through THEIR MSM/CFR lens].

  • xdrfox

    We appreciate everyone who spreads the truth, for this will affect the world in time.

  • turtledove

    skizems, you are so kind and am glad you share in the sorrows as well as the joys more likely if we all remain joined as one. Thank you.
    As long as the u.s. gov’t are warning us about their own direct causal relationship to birds dropping from the skies from unregulated corporate Bhopal-type chemical DUMPING and ecological devastation as the terrorist factor I can certainly nod in agreement.
    Yes. The terrorists they are spooking about can be found in all levels of u.s. criminal gov’t/corporate dens.
    I like Egypt’s approach myself.

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  • soozla



    Now.. if the people of the GOM would just go with the psy-op.. being used on them..and quit complaining about all the oil out there. If they would just quit going on about the ruin of their lives and livelihood…..and quit standing in the way of the plan…Which is?…to cover the complicity of the military/gov in this situation..and let the people become ill and die where they are standing.

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