“Horrifying”: Florida children “with tarballs on their face… tar in their eyes” (VIDEO)

Walton County Initiates Local Task Force to Address Oil Spill Health Concerns, WJGH Channel 7 Panama City, June 23, 2010:   

Local businessman Ed Berry is urging commissioners to make sure the appropriate parties are being held accountable. “The children were in the water swimming. They were coming out of the water with tarballs on their face; they were wiping their face and having tar in their eyes and on their mouth.”

That horrifying image has local officials working to ‘up the ante’. …

But the big push was for the county to begin conducting independent air and water quality testing.

8 comments to “Horrifying”: Florida children “with tarballs on their face… tar in their eyes” (VIDEO)

  • Afu

    Maybe BP should subcontract the oil spill to the Marx Brothers engineering company.

    This disaster is a disaster compounded with a huge farce.

    When will American people understand that the whole situation is really, really wrong and bad?

    ok sorry for the comment.

    Everything is ok. Repeat slowly.

  • Are people totally stupid or do they have a deathwish? Stay out of the f**king water!


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