Hours after blow-out BP was “INTERFERING” with effort to close BOP, contractor testifies

Contractor: BP interfered with critical efforts, Associated Press, October 4, 2010:

BP interfered with critical efforts to lower an undersea robot to try to close the device that failed to stop the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill… The testimony came from Doug Martin, president of Smit Salvage Americas, which was hired to help try to save the Deepwater Horizon after it exploded. He told a federal investigative panel that in the hours after the April 20 disaster, he thought it was important to quickly get the robot into the water so engineers could choke off the oil.

But, Martin said, BP officials discussed calculating how the heat from the fire would impact the boat that was to launch the robot. He said he believed that it was a waste of time and that BP was interfering.

“When they wanted to calculate the heat load on the boat, I said, ‘How do you know how hot the fire is?… I had a hard time believing there was data available at that time to do that. That’s why I felt it was better just to keep the boat cool and use commonsense tools to get the ROV in the water.”

1 comment to Hours after blow-out BP was “INTERFERING” with effort to close BOP, contractor testifies

  • They read like siblings (article) sitting at the kitchen table as Mama keeps asking, “Who done it?” And BP is the one who will hold out the longest — he ain’t about to ‘fess up.’ He can’t. That whooping stick over in the corner scares him.

    The youngest sibling — who know’s, but still can’t get the syllables out, can’t tell.

    And ‘big daddy’ will be home shortly: He’ll just watch the interrogation amused, smiling and nodding as the youngsters look his way for help. And he does indeed help.

    Big daddy pats Mama on the rear and exclaims, “Dinner looks great Queenie!”

    Mama blushes and decides to ignore the miscreants.

    And everyone lives happily ever after.

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