How the Feds NEVER manage to find submerged oil when taking the media on tours: Fishermen use SONAR to locate underwater crude (VIDEO)

Fishing Industry in Gulf Still Worried About Levels of Toxins in the Water and the Impact on Marine Life, Democracy Now, August 23, 2010:

DAHR JAMAIL: We drove around on his trawler for several hours, and you could watch on the sonar clouds popping up. We were in about twelve, thirteen feet of water. And the middle part of the area would literally fill up with a big cloud, and we would stop the boat, and he would basically drop down, tie some sorbent pad to a grappling hook, drop it down in the water and pull it up, and it would be covered in sort of a slimy, brown oil-dispersant mix. And it was—we did that eight times. Every single time, we caught oil and dispersant mix.

And it was a very disturbing thing to see, in addition to the fact that these guys said, “Look, we refuse to fish here, because this is so toxic, and we can see that there’s less life here.”

See also: ALL 8 tests find submerged oil in MS waters — one near public beach; Coast Guard looked and “did not find any

4 comments to How the Feds NEVER manage to find submerged oil when taking the media on tours: Fishermen use SONAR to locate underwater crude (VIDEO)

  • Alan B

    Funny, you failed to show me this slurry you discovered, do we take your word for it?
    Oh, I worked as an Environmental Tech for a leather company, one of my tasks was to prepare empty chemical totes for shipment. Corexit was used as a degreaser, I rinsed these totes, they were a bitch, to remove the residue in good time required a firehose. I am no worse for wear for my exposer to this.

  • Big Daddy

    More joke reporting.

  • Coreen

    Good people…trusting in a corrupt government…horrific for them. This govt is out to destroy America, and bring in Fascist feudalism ….
    ~~ Evict the Congress, Impeach Nobama, destroy the Illuminati from Europe (which is our real govt), ignore the Zionists…move ahead with our real Republic…Start now with all Activist work!! Do not buy, do not comply!

  • Tom

    Interesting comment, Alan B. And as an environmental tech, I bet you were well covered with Personal protection equipment, or you weren’t an environmental tech. You’re no worse for the wear? Maybe, maybe not. Now, you say you failed to be shown the slurry they caught. I take it your eyesight isn’t too good, and perhaps that why you worked (past tense) as an enviro tech. Those rags looked pretty ugly to me, and I am thankful they don’t want to catch and sell the fish from that water.

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