Hundreds of dead pelicans wash up on North Carolina beach

Preliminary pelican autopsy findings do not rule injuries intentional, Eastern North Carolina Today, January 05, 2011:

A task force meeting is being planned between local, state and federal officials to address the large number of pelican deaths in the area. …

Dead and injured pelicans began washing up on North Topsail Beach in early November. …

And despite the injuries to the dead birds appearing to be intentional, preliminary results of pelican autopsies detected no evidence of malicious injuries, according to experts. …

Deb Woody, a volunteer with Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary, said the count to date exceeds 200 and reports of dead birds continue to come in.

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  • soozla

    It’s called internal rupturing.
    You know… like the dolphins that come in with black tongues and eyes.

  • soozla

    Could it be that the oil-corexit mix is making it’s way around the Eastern seaboard?
    Is it possible the the slowing of the loop current is causing the water to be unusually cold?
    Or a combination of both?
    So many questions for the scientists.
    So few answers.

  • I tried twice to find the article above; it wasn’t at the site that popped up.

    soozla: The oil-corexit mix had travelled all the way to the North Atlantic within 2 months of the initial DWH blowout, and continued on its way to Europe[1] and finally Asia [2], as well as around to the North Atlantic countries [2a], down through Canada — and back to the United States.

    I would guess that the dilution of the water explains why all locations have not suffered as terribly as the gulf states.

  • xdrfox

    Lets not forget all the whales that died on the east coast, here is one …Flager Beach Fl. – 24-foot Dead Whale Washes Ashore (VIDEO)
    June 2010
    A 24-foot dead finn whale washed ashore on Cinnamon Beach in Palm Coast. ..

  • justgone..

    We, are in big trouble…..

  • uhulu

    …having trouble thinking of a coherent comment, but these stories of animals dropping dead all over are almost too dire to comment on. It’s like war has been declared and we’re really next on the battlefield.

  • C.Dodds

    There are many who believe science has now reached the ability to kill creatures of the same species {having similar resonance patterns} with sonic or electronic weapons such as HAAP. See interesting videos about it on this link.

  • xdrfox

    I have read a number of report articles on the pelicans and the story of someone doing harm to them I believe is a cover, if they are in disarray I think animals are at work prior to finding them. I believe it is the Corexit also and them eating the fish they caught.

  • xdrfox:

    I agree with you. It’s [a psyops] meant to have us look left when they’re into mischief on the right. This may have something to do with it….

    We all know that John Wheeler is said to have committed suicide, and the tales you hear about him in his final days ‘paint him’ as an absolute nut. But he was not. He may have been drugged. Whatever, he was very, very frightened.

    From what I’m discovering, John Wheeler was about to “squeal” on the big boys: There’s a fort down there that contains potent, chemical bioweapons, and he was certain the big boys killed the birds, and he was about to-spill-the-beans.

    Question is, why would the big boys want to kill the birds? This is an international problem as we know. Are they expecting that we may want to eat birds when we have little else?

    Just think — nothing really happens all-of-a-sudden; it takes years of planning by the think tanks, and finally, the big boys carry in the dessert. It’s over.

  • xdrfox

    Early on, Here is another attempt of antics to cover the truth. …

  • xdrfox

    And my encounter,…_A_strange_encounter_at_Ormond_Beach,_where_spill_hits_the_beach_and_the_News.html

  • I’m so sad. It just keeps getting worse. It has happened in Italy and it happened to White Doves.

    This must be a planned event: All dead beings turn blue from lack of oxygen. It’s what ‘death’ does. And yes, the person or animal does turn blue, and very quickly. No mystery here.

    Perhaps the birds are being k*lled to be eaten by rats, raccouns, fox, deer, ectera? And finally, under very harsh conditions, man eats the corpses of the dead animals out of desperation.

    We will d*e slow enough that the system will not be overwhelmed with the burden and necessity of mass burials.

  • soozla

    In the mines when the canary croaks …well……..
    I don’t think Wheeler got knocked off over the birds…
    I think he was trying to say something more important.

  • C.Dodds

    Mass fish and bird kills have pinpointed on a world Google map. Most seem in USA, but Europe and Japan have had several. There seems to be none around China, India and Africa. Whose enemies are we? See the map:-

  • C.Dodds:

    Great map: It shows where the BP oil travelled and where it did not.

    About 15 months before the BP oil volcano, there was a runners-up oil disaster in Indonesia — actually closer to Australia. It was a humdinger and BP was involved in that one too, as well as other oil companies.

    The difference between China, India and Africa regarding oil disasters; they’ve had their share too. But, not to the extraordinary degree as the BP oil disaster at the Deep Horizon Rig.

    There is not another country that can beat our record for providing the greatest unnecessary catastrophe in the history of mankind. The Earth will survive, but we may not.

    After all, we are small and we will succumb. Whales are tremendous in size, yet many have di*d.

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