“Hustling” NOAA now in charge of investigating baby dolphin deaths — “Likely will take MONTHS”… remember Poland?

Baby dolphin deaths get feds’ attention, Sun Herald, February 24, 2011:

NOAA will give high priority to an investigation into the large numbers of baby dolphin deaths along the Mississippi and Alabama coasts, an official told the Sun Herald on Wednesday. …  What’s happening here falls under the formal designation of an Unusual Mortality Event…

Because of that, NOAA will also oversee the laboratory testing, dictate what type of tests will be run and ensure samples are fresh and viable, [Trevor Spradlin, NOAA’s national coordinator for Unusual Mortality Events.] said. …

The level of urgency will increase. Getting samples processed within 24 hours will be a priority with all eyes on the investigation, he said. “You’ll see people hustling to make sure the right labs are selected and quality samples collected in a timely manner.” … and are being given the highest priority, he said. …

However, it likely will take months to draw a conclusion about the deaths partly because of the long process of determining the right labs to handle tissue samples and what tests will need to be run.

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5 comments to “Hustling” NOAA now in charge of investigating baby dolphin deaths — “Likely will take MONTHS”… remember Poland?

  • Jean

    I read the full article earlier, and as soon as I read “NOAA”, I thought that they would send the dead dolphins to Poland. And by the way, did we ever get the results back from the seafood samples that were sent to Poland?

  • Jean

    NOAA is hustling to start spewing BS. I just saw this on my home page when I opened my internet browser:


  • ivanthedestroyer

    I think someone needs to launch an investigation into governmental corruption A.S.A.P. I never knew NOAA was the CDC, because if they rule out oil spill “on site” WOW … was that the sniff Test? This is not Legal and it is not Scientific, I believe, the CDC/EPA and Appropriate offices should be involved, NOT NOAA.


  • Agreed.

    Those agencies have SUCKED every step of the way. They make FEMA from the Katrina days look good!!! What’s worse is that they have a clearly defined and important mission ordained by federal law and executive orders, but they consistently drop and hide the ball!
    If I lived down there, their name would be mud.

  • Agreed.

    …just remember that the “powers that be” ultimately may face the real Power of the People…whether expected or not… (See Egypt, etc.) I don’t think the average Joe Schmo in the Gulf will put up with this forever…(and the more economic pressure and illness, the more that may transpire!)

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