Hydrogen Sulfide from oil spill causes evacuation; “Black SUVs with no markings and monitoring equipment on their roofs” testing neighborhood

More than 14,000 oil spill claims filed, The Examiner (Southeast Texas), April 8, 2010:

“I used to work in a refinery, and I recognized the smell of hydrogen sulfide,” said Francis. “They used to tell us if we smelled that to run off, to get away.”

When a friend saw him struggling, he told Peter to go home. When he got there, he found his son in the wheelchair was also struggling to breathe and had become agitated at this chain of events. Suddenly, the phone rang. It was a recorded call from the Port Arthur Police Department telling the family there had been an oil spill and they needed to evacuate their home immediately. ..

The evacuation was called off later that night, but the Francis’ stayed inside until 11 that night, although a strong smell persisted through the next day. Adding to their concern were the black SUVs with no markings and monitoring equipment on their roofs that slowly cruised their street for the next week.


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