INLAND fish kill near Destin, FL: Reporter says “red plume replaced the visible bottom” & “Oily sheen with a foamy, bubbling substance with reddish stringy globs” — BP DENIES LINK

In today’s article, Fears of oil in inland waters grow after fish kill, the Walton Sun reported on “a fish kill in Choctawhatchee Bay last Saturday.

“Plenty of dead fish, dead shrimp and I seen a few crabs and they were hiding in the rocks… I hate it,” a resident told the paper.

“Twice as many dead fish laid on the bottom of the bay Saturday afternoon,” the report noted.

“A survey of the water revealed a swiftly moving oily sheen with a foamy, bubbling substance with reddish stringy globs. A murky burnt red plume replaced the visible bottom,” according to the Sun.

The Sun received “reports of oil in the bay started on Thursday, but… was unable to substantiate them due to poor weather. Those reports continued through Tuesday, when Cindy Morgan, an avid fisherwoman, described a similar phenomenon on the ‘very east end’ of the bay, Point Washington side.”

“My husband has been fishing up here his whole life and there has been no mullet,” Morgan told the Sun.

“She described a recent instance where catfish were swimming on top of the water… ‘I ain’t never seen that before'” the report added.

Though, the Sun noted, “Finding answers [to what is killing the sea creatures] has not been easy.”

A BP liason said to the Sun, “‘[The] reports were new to (him) but that with the reports being so inland’ he doubted it was BP oil.” Yet according to the paper, “The mass looked similar to the oil found a few miles away in a finger nook off Mallet Bayou several weeks ago.” BP claimed in the article that the “Coast Guard tested it and determined it was boat bilge and not from BP.”

The Coast Guard liaison said “he was not aware of the sightings or testing,” the Sun added. When asked about the results mentioned by BP, he said “We are not on the same page at all.”

Joint Information Center in Mobile has yet to respond to the paper’s requests for “prior testing, confirmation and status of response.”

The Sun noted a report from Pensacola where “BP reversed its denials of oil in Pensacola Bay after numerous damning reports from fisherman surfaced, stating that ‘thousands of pounds of weathered oil is being pulled from under the surface of Pensacola Bay every day.'”

Water samples were collected by the paper and handed over to Emerald Coastkeepers for independent testing.

3 comments to INLAND fish kill near Destin, FL: Reporter says “red plume replaced the visible bottom” & “Oily sheen with a foamy, bubbling substance with reddish stringy globs” — BP DENIES LINK

  • Richard Auchard

    Look, this blame game of boats dumping their bilges is ridiculous. This is directly related to the BP spill and their liberal use of Corexit. They sunk the oil and now they are wrecking the eco-system. This is one of the biggest examples of a cover-up I have ever seen. The people on the coast are not fooled by all the slight of hand.

  • premurderedGOM

    Imagine, for 1 moment that you are the poor creature living in that water. I am beyond heartbroken. This eats away at me as much as the Corexit eats away at them…….God help them and us.

  • ehswan

    BP, NOAA, the EPA, and toy boy Obamas administration do seem to be taking us for fools, but after all we fell for 911, illegal surveillance, homeland security, war on terrorism, the patriot act, torture, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, bailing out the mega wealthy crooks who crashed our economy and destroyed the lives of millions. Our stupidity and gullibility seem to know no bounds. As a result we have taught the powers that be that they can get away with anything!

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