Inspector: “OIL starts BUBBLING to the surface” when SAND heats up — Secreting “black and brown oil” (PHOTO)

Oil spill is far from over for those who live, work along the Gulf, Times-Picayune, September 19, 2010:


[P]atches of brown sand exposed to the heat of the noonday sun often begin secreting oil. “There’s so much oil in some of these sands that when they heat up, the oil starts bubbling to the surface,” [Wisner land field inspector Forrest] Travirca said. “That’s one reason the cleanup crews have to wear those (protective) shoes. They’re literally walking on oil sometimes.” …

[Y]ards-long… huge, sticky mats of sand and sea shells bound together by oil residue… [that] were exposed to the sun [had] black and brown oil [that] was bubbling to the surface, tracing small black lines between shorebirds and hermit crabs before dripping into the Gulf. …

“You see birds and crabs and other animals walking on it and feeding in it. You see fishermen out there casting over this stuff, and they have no idea what’s below their boats. “This can’t be safe for critters and people.” …

Read the report and see all 17 photos here.

Oil seeps out of a tar patty on the beach near Fourchon, September 14, 2010 (Times Picayune)

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