Instructions for recording/capturing BP ROV streams with only VLC player — Small file sizes, low system requirements

Requirements: VLC media player

Getting the mms address for the feed

1) Go to BP’s webpage with all the feeds:

2) Click the link for the feed you want to record so the individual feed opens in a new tab/indow

3) Right click on white space on the webpage and choose ‘View Page Source’ or whatever your browser calls it.

4) Look for a hyperlink that is something similar to:

  • src=”″

The numbers will be different for each feed but they all begin mfile.akamai.

5) Click the hyperlink on src=”″ or whatever the exact link name is.

6) A new page will open with 2 different links that begin: mms://…

7) Copy the first one. For example:

  • mms://

8) Once you have this link for the feed, it should not change for a while so save the mms address for anytime you want to record that feed in the future.

Using the mms address to record the stream via VLC

Open VLC player and follow instructions here (you can skip the first step since you already have the mms info):

IMPORTANT: Depending on VLC version, the capture may not record directly to a .wmv or .asf file, but rather a .ps file. Simply change the extension in the file name from .ps to .wmv.

Post video on YouTube with date, time and ROV info.

Send link to FOSL.


Hopefully this works for you. Good luck.

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