Insurance expert: You’ll be “out there with a rake cleaning up tar balls”; Oil on property from hurricane not covered (VIDEO)

Hurricanes and Oil: Will Your Insurance Policies Protect You From Oil Damage?, WJGH Channel 7 NBC Destin, July 9, 2010:

“People need to make sure they have flood insurance and not just regular homeowner’s insurance if they want coverage,” said Trey Hutt of Hutt Insurance Agency. …

Even among flood policy holders, there is still a gray area when it comes to potential oil damage. Each claim is handled on a case by case basis.

“You have to differentiate. If water washes up into the yard and deposits some oil there, again that’s not going to be damage to the home; so even that, probably would not be covered and you’re going to be out there with a rake cleaning up tar balls. If it intrudes in the house, I see no reason whatsoever why it wouldn’t be covered by a typical flood insurance policy,” Hutt said.

But you better get on it quick.

Insurance companies have a 30-day wait period for every new flood policy
, unless it is required by a bank.

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