“Junk Science”: Disappearing methane researchers are “manipulating data to gain media attention” says top attorney

JUNK SCIENCE: NOAA Claims “Gas-Gobbling” Bacteria Consumed Nearly All of the Estimated 200,000 Tons of Methane Spewed into Gulf, Stuart H. Smith, Esq. blog, January 7, 2011:

We learn that, back in June, a team sponsored by (guesss who?): “….the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had found intense concentrations of methane in the waters near the wellhead” but later it was gone. Some would say: “duh, it was swept away by ocean currents,” but the NOAA folks say it was eaten up. Gone. Sound familiar? …

The only thing this “research” proves is there was no methane gas detected in a relatively small area at a particular moment in time. It does not prove by any stretch of the imagination that all the methane is gone from the Gulf. Did the researchers model the ocean currents? Was the current moving in the direction in which they tested or was it moving in another direction?

What we have here are researchers manipulating data to gain media attention. The conclusions are junk science. I’d say this: Stop speculating and limit the commentary to what has actually been determined scientifically. Not detecting methane gas in a relatively tight area in no way translates into the “vast majority” of the 200,000 tons of methane is gone. …

[I]t’s endlessly frustrating that such reports with more than a whiff of grant money and NOAA patronage are taken at face value despite the agency’s track record. Like the “vast majority” declaration before it, this will now go into an intense peer review process.

2 comments to “Junk Science”: Disappearing methane researchers are “manipulating data to gain media attention” says top attorney

  • soozla

    Of course–BP and the government do not want the people to know the amounts of any of the toxins involved.
    The explanations by their shills are lame.

  • uncomfortablynumb

    Stuart H. Smith, Esq. blog- Another good information GOM oil spill source.

    Hope that Tom Termotto and B.K. Lim have another article soon.

    Also, Dr. Rodney Soto

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