“We keep seeing this foam coming in just about everyday” — “They keep spraying” dispersant says Emergency Operations Center worker

Environmental Protection Agency?, Dahr Jamail, December 6, 2010:

Residents in Mississippi and Louisiana told Al Jazeera that they believe BP continues to use the toxic dispersants, but the EPA will not respond to their appeals for information and help.

Jesse Fineran works within the Hancock County Mississippi Emergency Management Agency as an oil spill response worker within the Emergency Operations Center.

“They keep spraying [dispersants],” Fineran told Al Jazeera, “We keep seeing this foam coming in just about everyday.” …

He provided the EPA personnel with information about ongoing dispersant use, and wrote, “We continue to find various products that appear to be direct results of the DWH [Deepwater Horizon] spill and/or associated with BP operations. This includes submerged oil patties and patches in State/County waters and marshes, as well as a mysterious dark colored foam … [the] EPA continue to provide a less than transparent explanation as to the foam’s actual composition.” …

Fineran, who continues to work within the Emergency Response Center for Mississippi added, “Nothing the EPA has told us has turned out to be true.”

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  • Jean

    Thanks to Dahr Jamail, Al Jazeera, and FOSL for giving voice to this emergency worker’s concerns. Never thought the day would come when I’d have to read Al Jazeera English to find out what’s going on in America.

  • I second that; and I hope Fineran will go about his business very carefully


    FOAM? They are NOT permitted to pump the dispersants per FEDERAL LAW now. EPA made a one-time emergency exception. The Emergency has been declared over–NO DISPERSANTS ALLOWED NOW by UNIFIED COMMAND, PRESIDENT OBABMA, EPA, BP, et al.

  • patty t., alabama

    someone has to get video of this dispersant being dropped and get it to a news source that is honest!


    Someone, many someones, down there also need to stop acting like it’s an excusable, pardonable offense!! It’s NOT–it’s a crime to be spraying that stuff without legal authority!! Far lesser federal violations merit hard time in prison!!!–FACT.

  • patty t., alabama:

    The planes that are releasing the dispersant into the our sky and atmosphere have tanks, and those tanks are usually visible. Look up. Everyone needs to just lookup.

    The best time to see planes spraying other substances, such as barium, morgellons organisms, human red blood cells, aluminum…. is usually just before dybreak. We call it “spraying chemtrails.”

    Since Corexit is being sprayed both day and night, pictures should be voluminous in number by now. Nonbelievers, please lookup.

  • Oops!

    “…. is usually just before daybreak and sunset.”


    Yes, the federal government is allowed to use chemical biological weapons, but only if the weapons are used on us. And they are. There’s a bill that was passed a few years ago called, “Owning the Weather by 2025”, or words very close to those. Also ‘google’ the name “Cohen and weather control.” You will find that the government of the U.S. may spray anything they want over-our-heads, and for any purpose; usually testing and sometimes purposeful sickening of the population: It’s called *research*.

    For an easy read on the subject please go to…

    [Pentagon Poised To Resume Open Air Testing:


  • C.Dodds

    When there is smoke we expect a fire. When people see planes spraying they suspect dispersant, or geo-engineering to prevent wind blowing toxins the wrong way. It seems some people are complaining that dispersant is still being sprayed. Please, folk out there, have your cameras ready. if you have a movie or video camera please swing it around while shooting to show a well known coastline or building so that it is clear that the pictures were not taken somewhere else. Note exact times and anything else which

    Who is flying these planes? Airport workers and corexit workers might divulge plane flights, amounts of corexit sold, who to, types of discarded containers etc.

    Take pictures. Speak up. We want evidence. Those who refuse to reveal such evidence may be liable for obstructing the course of justice. I think dispersant spraying is a prisonable offence. Take copies of pictures to the powers that be. We have a right to demand answers and to know what they are doing.

    Contact overseas and honest local media with any information you have. Keep contacting them. Many journalists do not seriously believe what you say because it really does sound incredible. But, they will look into it if they get enough complaints.

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