Kindra Arnesen discusses recent troubling miscarriages and her life-long friend that’s now in a box (VIDEO)

United for the Gulf Fest ~ Kindra Arnesen’s Sound Science, , March 12, 2011:

  • 32 miscarriages counted
  • Husband has brown stuff leaking out of ears again and vertigo

20 comments to Kindra Arnesen discusses recent troubling miscarriages and her life-long friend that’s now in a box (VIDEO)

  • xdrfox

    “Endocrine disruptor”

  • xdrfox

    So what about the fifith dispersant, Sea Brat #4, which is both less toxic and–BP tells us–and which BP has 100,000 gallons in its inventory? BP explains that Sea Brat #4 may degrade into an endocrine disruptor.

    Sea Brat #4 contains a small amount of a chemical that may degrade to a nonylphenol (NP). The class of NP chemicals have been identified by various government agencies as potential endocrine disruptors, and as chemicals that may persist in the environment for a period of years. The manufacturer has not had the opportunity to evaluate this product for these potential effects, and BP has not had the opportunity to conduct independent tests to evaluate this issue either. BP learned of this issue after it applied to use Sea Brat #4 at the incident site.

    With this additional information in hand, we believe it would be prudent to evaluate the potential NP issue more carefully before EPA or the FOSC require Sea Brat to be used at the incident site, and in particular, before it is applied underwater near….

  • Morgana

    Outrageous! Poor Kindra looks worse and worse, as do others who have become ill. WHEN IS THIS STORY GOING TO BECOME FREALITY FOR THIS STINKING GOVERNMENT so that these people can get proper treatment (if indeed it does exist)???

  • :(

    Amen, Kindra! Please clear out and get your man a new career?….sigh. It seems like mortuary science is a reliable, new growth area!!

  • xdrfox

    Deepwater Horizon Response Press Conference pt2

    Corexit and A Second product said @ 4:25 in Sea Brat4

  • Wendy Wallace

    What does she mean, “in a box?” Homeless, living in a box? A coffin? Some sort of bariatric chamber or something? What?

  • soozla

    Meantime… life goes on for Tony Hayward…

  • Chelsea

    Kindra, this needs to be documented through all the women in the gulf. I was almost a miscarriage myself due to my mother working in a refinery with all of the VOCs. I guess I am not speaking loud enough when I tell my story on here… let’s put this in a scientific standard. You need a control to do experiments. The Gulf, the Valdez, Ixtoc… all experiments, per say. I AM A CONTROL. Please, please someone contact me — another . chelsea (at) gmail .com — put it together and email me, please!

  • nexstak

    32 miscarriages? Who would be stupid enough to keep reproducing down there? I dont feel sorry for them.

  • xdrfox

    President Obama Gets Openness Award in Private

    Mar 31, 2011
    President Barack Obama has accepted an award for making the government more open and transparent — presented to him behind closed doors. No media coverage or public access was allowed at the ceremony.

    The White House didn’t immediately comment Thursday on the
    apparent discrepancy between the honor and the circumstances under which it was awarded.

    The award was given by open-government advocates including the
    Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press to recognize Obama’s
    work toward encouraging agencies to release information to the
    public — and to encourage him to do more. The group’s executive
    director, Lucy Dalglish, says she was flabbergasted that the White
    House didn’t allow coverage of the event Monday.

  • need this news

    I think Obama seems extremely open to these journalism groups compared to the minimal press access afforded during the Bush Jr. years…Most of those terms, we didn’t even know where Cheney was hiding. By contrast, Obama actually gives press conferences and can speak reliably well…But, I do think he must laser-point in on massive enviro. disasters ASAP along with their public health impact.

  • need this news

    ASAP, as in yesterday! See http://

  • xdrfox

    Check out so many of his real life without TelePrompter’s, Like yesterdays news at a Fed. Landmark talking to the crowd, every bit as bad as Bush !campaigning he said he had been in 57 States so far !

  • turtledove

    I hunger to hear Kindra’s words. She is so clear in this trauma to the soul.

    I do have two unanswered questions though:
    What exactly is the cause of “brown stuff” coming out of her husband’s ears.
    A year later, no diagnosis and he’s still walking?
    Second question,
    If Kindra’s husband’s catch is only 3% of past fishing seasons,
    Are they as a family contributing to sale of what tainted fish remain at peril to the public, pets, animal feed?

    Can anyone address these questions, I’d appreciate the insight. Thanks!

  • This link supports Kindra’s claim regarding miscarriages and golf coast

  • Crystal Clear

    Kindra, or any one who can contact her, as I stated to you in May of 2010, I know of several natural plants that you can collect yourself that will help to heal the lesions, clear the liver and kidneys, etc. I offered you this before during a facebook discussion and you never wrote back. Maybe you might be interested now. As before, I am not selling anything, you can go get it yourself…you need not suffer, not anyone.
    used my daughter’s face book which they took down…Amara Bettina…remember?

  • Crystal Clear

    I have attempted to contact you again on your facebook. clearprism1 at the yahoo. Any one suffering is welcome to write me. I will share what I have found, you can confirm this on google or in any book at borders. The plants really work, I have been using them for several years now as have my close family. Painless and wholesome, the way our great grandparents did it, something the ‘pharmas’ don’t want you to know.

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