Footage of Kindra Arnesen’s confrontation with BP’s Ken Feinberg (VIDEO)

Spilling Over, UNC Chapel Hill News21 (BY JESSEY DEARING, LAUREN FROHNE, ELENA RUE and MIKE EHRLICH), Posted July 2010:

See the full video here:

3 comments to Footage of Kindra Arnesen’s confrontation with BP’s Ken Feinberg (VIDEO)

  • Kindra has to realize that Kenneth Feinberg and his genocidal tribe have no interest in helping white people. Because his group wants to literally wipe us off the face of the planet!


  • D. Thomas

    Ya gotta love that woman!

    Kindra told us BP said they were going to deduct the VoO pay from the claims. BP denied it once Kindra made it public, of course! Kindra was right once again.

    There is no reason to expect any better from BP so here’s a message for Feinberg: HAZ-MAT WORK IS NOT EQUAL TO FISHING-
    Not in the health risk and certainly not in pay! It is unfair to single out VoO workers because some probably took other jobs… you can not possibly know of- or deduct that pay. More so, what about the VoO workers that are not filing claims because they are not fishermen??? BP can’t deduct anything from them. UNFAIR!!! If you’re going to deduct what these guys earned, you could at least adjust for the pay difference for HAZARDOUS WORK OF CLEANING UP TOXIC BP CRUD!

    This is one more example of BP saving a buck and to Hell with the fishermen that have suffered enough! It is outrageous and just plain wrong!

  • ghana

    Come on people there should be 10,000 people surrounding that heap of flesh Phuckberg and any other shitbag like Thad Allen, POTUS Obama, Gov. Jindall, Gov. Crist, Gov. Riley, Gov. Barbour, all the four state atty. gen’s… just poor ole Kindra and her merry stragglers. She’s down with a serious staff infection and no army behind her to let her rest…

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