Kindra Arnesen shows her ‘rash’ — “I think we’ve been poisoned to be perfectly honest” (VIDEO)

Kindra Arnesen Suffering Health Problems From Life In Southern Louisiana, ProjectGulfImpact, October 5, 2010:

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49 comments to Kindra Arnesen shows her ‘rash’ — “I think we’ve been poisoned to be perfectly honest” (VIDEO)

  • ouch!

    Kindra is such a bright, beautiful, charismatic, and caring person!!…I thought she had evacuated already?

    However, with reports of “sores” on plants all the way up to Canada from many people with gardens on You Tube, we’re ALL going to have to evacuate for safe food!!!

    And anti-environmentalists like Rush Limbaugh thought this oil stuff was all natural, no biggie! πŸ˜›

    Check out this tidbit, if you didn’t think the Fed. Govt. and BP response was nothing short of brain-dead CRAZY:

    “In handling Louisiana crude Corexit EC9500A (formerly called Corexit 9500) was 54.7% effective, while Corexit EC9527A was 63.4% effective.[29][30] The EPA lists 12 other types of dispersants as being more effective in dealing with oil in a way that is safe for wildlife.[7] One of those tested was Dispersit, which was 100% effective in dispersing Gulf oil and is less toxic to silverfish and shrimp than Corexit.[31]”
    (credit to Wikipedia)

  • ouch!

    What do you do when your govt. is certified insane during the worst disaster in history????

    I hope Kindra will evacuate.

  • burro

    all get well wishes for kindra and all the people around the gulf of mexico. one thing should be clear if people don’t do anything against this crime, no one will do it and the whole thing will be repeated again and again. the oil multinationals are doing this all over the world. search for oilspill in africa and look how people are poissened there. it’s time to stop the multis all over the world. how? look in history, changes comes when people go out on the street and claim there rights for health education and prosperety not only for them but for everyone on this planet. don’t trust the multis, the politicians or the media. trust in simple people.
    peace for everyone

  • Outraged

    My thoughts and prayer go out to Kendra and all the people of the Gulf! You folks are the real American Hero’s! Keep on fighting! The world is changing and you are on the front end. The truth shall set us free! All of your hard work to expose the truth, will carry to generations for years to come. You have my respect and admiration for all you have done! You may not stop them, but you are exposing them for what they are!
    My heart bleeds for everyone in the Gulf! Get out if you can! Take care of your families, just never let us look away from what has and is being done. The rest of us are next!

  • Carol

    We need more people to be as Brave as Kindra. You should make a vid of people showing their rashes, each one saying “we need help”, put it on you tube. Show that it isn’t just one or two people with a rash, but many. That kind of Vid would go Viral. Tell people WE NEED HELP

  • allison

    check Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy and stay away from physicans except to have them photograph and submit pictures of the lesions to your permanent health records.

  • jerry bolduc

    Have any of you people been to Louisiana? Particularly to south Louisiana? The place reeks of oil refineries and has done so for decades.

    The New Orleans area (note I said AREA) has more refineries and chemical plants per square acre than any other place in the US…even the Houston ship channel, as filthy as that place is, doesn’t stink with the chemicals like south Louisiana.

    Go down there…start at Lake Charles and drive across I-10 to New Orleans…and take big, fat whiffs as you go!!

    I wish you people would wise up!!

  • baby…you need to get you a 2ml bottle of liquid “ZITHROMAX” take it because you got either staff or you are breaking out with that old alchoholic’s monster called. chankroid. better get on it!

  • oops….I meant to type STAPH…not stafff…..sorry baby…but you better go get you some zithromax…..and dont think you cant get chankroid without having sex!!!! its an old alchoholic’s moster baby!!!

  • Richard

    Kindra, please also use internal and external healing clay and activated charcoal for additional detox! Good natural and effective Coconut oil also is a great barrier to toxins in thru the skin
    God Bless You – you’re in my prayers!

  • Carl

    My prayers are with you Kindra. Those of us willing to listen and believe the truth about this disaster are with you. I am far from the gulf, Ohio, but I am as enraged as I can get at our Government and PB for the lies and cover ups. The truth must get out so those responsible are held accountable for their actions. It is one thing to have an accident but it is totally different when you put lives at risk for the almighty dollar, which isn’t so mighty any more. Keep the faith and get well!!

  • Wash with surgical grade Hibicleanse. It’s a blue bottle, you can find it at Walgreens/CVC whatever drugstore.

    We had these staph infections in California back in 2005. The locals had these staph infections when I moved to New Orleans in 2007.

    While I don’t doubt Corexit breaks down the skin’s natural barrier against pathogens, the staph was a huge problem before the BP spill.

  • Mary Sparrowdancer

    Good luck, Kindra. Doctors are no longer required to take the “first do no harm” oath. (I wouldn’t use hydrogen peroxide.) Possibly consider putting a sterile clay on one of the sores to see if this works. It worked when my daughter had an erosive wound caused by a brown recluse spider bite. I hope you are better soon. I hope we are all better soon.

  • robert murphy

    My heart goes out to you Kendra and all the suffering people down there on the Gulf Coast. I believe in Karma and sooner rather than later O’bama and his sick twisted government will get theirs. Your courage speaks volumes, unlike the cowards in BP and the Whitehouse. Take care of yourself and get well soon, your people need you. Love and health to you all, Robert

  • Bingbataboom

    I’m a paraplegic for the past 30 years, so I’m an expert on skin sores.

    Your treatment with epsom salts will certainly help as it draws metallic compounds out, but you need to get some Silvadine cream and use it regularly instead of the antibiotics.
    A very light dressing of Silvadine will prevent all infections and there is no resistant strain to silver because silver destroys bacterial cell walls. Silvadine cream should be in everybody’s first aid kit!!!
    Those antibiotics are destroying your systems natural flora. You need a good pro-biotic and silver!!!

    You also need to get a good quality emu oil cream with tea tree oil added. It took me 25 years of sores to find this out, but I’m happy to pass it on to you.

    God bless you for your courage!

  • Yes you have been poisoned. This is a stealthful sneaky devious underhanded cowardly takeover of America beginning with 911 progressing through Katrina and the BP oilspill…

    We have waited too long already. Time to act.

    Kindra is as someone else said a very charismatic and courageous spokesperson…She is what makes America great.

    Isn’t it a coincidence that BP…a British Crown corporation is responsible for this snakelike attack on America. Think Andrew Jackson folks, enough is enough.

  • Bingbattaboom,

    The rest of us, even though many of us don’t live along the coast, will take your advice. I’m going to get *Silvadine* cream and *emu oil cream with tea tree oil*. Like you said, they belong in our first aid kit.

  • Rick

    Get some Manuka Honey 16+ and colloidal silver. Also, look into using Garlic.

  • Dixie

    Yes, colloidal silver! Also try tea tree oil. Get well soon Kendra! We need you!

  • Feel this crime against humanity was
    staged to force the Gulf inhabitant’s
    to flee for their lives. Some unholy
    entity has other plans for the Gulf
    region. In the last 15 years, nothing
    is imaginable.

  • don't be shy to say conspiracy

    Sorry, but this IS a planned event. This is NOT an accident. This was an attack by the British and Israel. JP Morgan, the Queen of England and Goldman Sachs own BP- look into BAE, the massive defense contractor for further investigation. Halliburton bought $250 billion in oil rigging setup and cleanup equipment 10 days before the spill – you think that’s a coincidence? 4/20 is when a lot of disasters happened. This is an attack on America just like a bomb was dropped. The South BETTER rise again or it’s not going to exist!

  • Bill Conklin

    Dear Kindra
    Let me suggest some Collodial Silver.
    GNC Sells a good Product. I take 2 Tsp
    daily and it cleared up my scalp lesions,
    and Lower leg Cellulitis. You can take
    Silver Biotics with any Antibiotic currently prescribed. I believe that the
    spraying of the chem trails in our Pasific
    Northwest area caused my scalp lesions.
    The Dispersants you have been exposed to
    most probably exacerbated the virulence
    of any pathogens that you have encountered. Let me suggest that you stay clear of those chemicals including all The VOCs.

  • AHA

    Go on max gerson md’s diet, it will your life.
    whatever you have gersons diet will cure it. gerson cured cancer and tuburculosis with the gerson diet. in 1939 gerson testified before congress, he cured 50 cancer patients with his diet. congress was impressed by gerson, but morris fishbein head of jama attacked gerson diet because phillip morris tobacco sponsered jamas advertising budget and gerson was against tobacco. then 2 years later, a rockefeelor mole put arsenic in dr. gersons afternoon coffee and murdered him, because rockefeller owns all the patients on toxic deadly chemo and radiation and hospitals charge $13,000 for a month of deadly toxic chemo, so rockefellor had a mole murder gerson to get rid of the cure for cancer, cancer is all about biz and making people sick to make money and commit genocide.

  • AHA

    go on gerson diet tomorrow and it will save your life.
    stay on the gerson diet for the rest of your life and you will be fine.

  • AHA

    you guys are right, they wanted to kill poor southern blacks in louisiana, uneducated poor white southerners in louisiana, old people in florida, and poor mexicans.
    the gulf is like cherynobel now.
    get on gerson diet and you will be ok.

  • Mike S

    Is BP Still Spraying Toxic Dispersants in the Gulf?

    See full article from DailyFinance:

    The BP (BP) oil spill may be over, but controversy over the company’s use of toxic oil dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico is still going strong. Although BP allegedly stopped using the chemicals more than a month ago, area residents claim it is still spraying Corexit, a chemical dispersant, from airplanes and boats.

  • ix

    Better leave asap. Youll be dead in a year otherwise. Watching previous vids when you were healthy and now this. Never mind the wounds and rotten flesh, no i look just at her face.

    A year, two at most, and then shes dead if she stays.

  • Mothman

    Hi there, you look really pale, an excellent tip for you is to get loads of sunshine, a Harpers and Queen Magazine in 1985 published a health article showing that sunshine speeds up detox of all heavy metals and all kinds of toxic chemicals from the body by an amazing 20-50 times, forget all the crap about cancer from sunshine. Soldiers treated in tent field hospitals recover from all injuries and conditions recover twice as fast as soldiers treated in brick built hospitals.

  • Mothman

    Another tip, Soil Based Organisms (they must be sold in the USA as well, here in the UK a company called Kiki sells them, they clear up MRSA and other serious flesh conditions, check out their info, you will be amazed. The hydrogen peroxide is good stuff, but don’t be burning your wound with it, make sure it is really dilute, I use it myself sometimes but it makes me really feel sick when I use it internally. Colloidal silver will make your tissue regenerate twice as fast as usual, but be careful with this also, as I have applied it to wounds myself and it has killed all my surface layer of skin on a large area of skin around the wound, so be gentle with it. (it WILL sterilize your gut and trash your immune system if you drink loads of it-done it myself, it kills ALL single celled stuff, good or bad). I have lab equipment to make this stuff, constant temp, 32 degrees, (around normal air temp in hot countries), constant voltage 27 volts dc with ac/dc converter from mains, single distilled water less than 1ppm (I use Ecowater distillers, cheap and highly reliable, 13 years continuous use so far)and 99.999% pure silver available from Alfa Aesar, a division of matthey johnson metals. (Less purity than this internally could cause problems if used internally if you research how deadly even small amounts of nano particles of otherwise harmless things like silica can be on mice when introduced in nano form (kills ’em). Their silver only contains gold, magnesium and I think palladium or praseodymium as the remaining elements, all good stuff, no lead as lower purity silver may have, the vibe from this is amazingly different. I use a beaker of non-reactive glass (2 litre man. by Schott Duran) immersed in a water bath (glass fish tank) with temp regulated by a Techne device to plus or minus one 500th of a degree or similar), however, housing 2 meters of 2mm wire cut into 12 pieces threaded though a wood base plate lab oven containing the beaker would suffice, giving a plus or minus of only 0.25 ppm silver variation, so you get constant quality say 8 or 12ppm, whatever you set your equipment to make (you would need to run tests at a professional university lab for instance to establish what concentration you are making and calibrate from there.

  • Mothman

    Correction, to clarify the above directions for colloidal silver, the wood base plate through which the silver electrodes are threaded can be suspended in a beaker filled with single distilled water,. You can situate the beaker in a bath of water which contains the Techne device, so warm water flushes around the beaker constantly, or you can buy a lab oven and put the beaker in that instead, avoiding all the hassle with the water bath and Techne heating/reg unit. Ovens are only slightly less accurate but will still produce a product that rip off firms will charge you 60 dollars a half litre for (you would be shocked by the ‘equipment’ that most manufacturers use). I have all the original research material from the Welcome medical research library in London on the manufacture and medical uses of this stuff back in the 1920’s.

  • Mothman

    I am so sorry about what is happing in the USA, it looks blatantly obvious that this killing of all food plants will be the necessary pretext for the Monsanto company to introduce chemical resistant GM crops, which will then be used to kill everyone, I think someone is telling us we should have bombed Iran already, you can guess who. (The same ‘people’ who own Monsanto, Halliburton also own BP).

  • Mothman

    ps, you must make silver colloid completely in the dark or it will just oxidise black, also only keep it in dark glass as plastic has a hydrocarbon molecule in it charged opposite to the silver ions and the silver will all just stick to the side of any plastic container.

  • david

    wow what a fruit loop, she has the I.Q. of peanut butter.

  • Mothman

    ps COLLOIDAL SILVER Just remembered, around 65 minutes with this array of silver electrodes, is a good place to start from before submitting tests for strength analysis (university labs offer commercial services and are the cheapest-draw a graph to see what the ideal time would be for your required strength, do, say, one test at 60 mins, one at 65 mins and one at 70 mins, and see how long you need to make 8 or 12ppm) (the strongest you should make for internal use, as above 12ppm forms huge ionic masses too big to penetrate cell walls), the slower you make the process the better, (also, seal your distilled water as soon as it is made to prevent excessive oxygen content of the water before you begin the colloid manufacturing process, or you will get wildly varying resultsunseal the distilled water just before the procees and pour it into the beaker, put the beaker into a pan of hot water to take the temp right where you want it before transfering it to the 32 degree prepared bath, to eliminate warming up time and excessive exposure to oxygen as everything is exposed now to the air(use a mercury lab thermometer, 10 cm immersion they are about 18 inches long, with big one tenth degree markers), with the electrodes spaced out as far from each other as the wooden plat over the beaker will accommodate, in two opposing straight lines of 6 electrodes each, also, to prevent eccessive depletion of one line of electrodes, alternate which row of electrodes you connect to pos or neg each time, so wearing down will be equal. Also, cover the equipment over during manufacture to prevent dust getting in, as the ions all stick to it (use it as fresh as possible for best results). For outer surface treatment of skin, purity of silver is not so important, so 99.99% would be ok, also, the original experiments on surface wounds showed dramatic results with very high concentrations, say 400ppm or 20000ppm, possibly because the particles were too big to kill skin cells, but they would still sterilize wounds and dramatically speed up regeneration of tissue and minimize scar tissue. With best regards and all good wishes, please circulate these instructions for making colloidal silver.

  • ouch!

    david, I disagree–she’s a very well-spoken and witty housewife who was one of the first to notice and speak out on all the lies, inconsistencies, and illogical nonsense being fed to her community by very powerful entities. I just wish she wasn’t so committed to her friends and community, so she could save her own health. (and I’m saying this as someone with a genius IQ in real life πŸ˜‰

  • ouch!

    I understand that she got her young children out of there…let’s hope so! Maybe they can rent their home to clean-up workers or journalists? Again, I commend her lightening-rod courage!!—pretty Kindra is far more “man” than most men today in professional public life!!

  • Kindra put on loose , soft fitting, waist high sweat pants, or the friction from those hip hugger jeans will cause a staph infection to spread through your blood stream. Take the silver, and other natural health remedies. Pak up the SUV NOW, and move to Alaska, and live out the rest of your life in peace, and quiet. Calm yourself with prayer, get closer to Jesus, and feel good about yourself, you have done a good job getting the word out about the lies. We are hip. Now you rest, and live. I will keep praying for you , and please keep us informed of how you are doing.

  • Sheila Smithson

    I wonder if anyone has looked for similarities between this corexit rash and Morgellon’s Disease (Morg) because Morg is often first diagnosed as scabies, and there are many theories involving Morg being the result of chemical spraying by government(s). I hope someone can look into this as the Morg is a crime, too, and if these “scabies” turn into Morg then these gulf victims have only just scratched the surface of genuine hell as it relates to their health.

    I, as well as others, acknowledge that without Kindra’s courageous spirit shouting about the dangers in the gulf, there would be only a whisper. Words of thanks do not come close to describing how truly remarkable she is.

    I pray for a speedy recovery for you, Kindra.

  • skizex

    excellent idea, Carol hope someone follows through with your idea and it goes absolutely viral – the media wouldn’t ignore this crime then, would they? Yah, probably would, but many more will know.

  • C.Dodds

    Kindra, if that ”rash” is getting better, that;s fine, but if there is no improvement much, have a close look through a strong magnifying glass at it. Ask a couple of doctors to look closely with their special equipment too, if they have not allready done so at the hospital. It could be a flesh eating microbe. Also, If you are under stress you are likely to get more infections, so rest up.

  • Vasu

    I am a seasoned masseur, herbalist and ayurvedic counselor who lived in Hawaii for 25 years; the single most effective topical treatment I have found for skin anomalies of all kinds, especially staph, is Atomidine from Heritage Health Products; best price found here:

    All manner or skin sores should be topically treated with this liquid not more than 3 times per day; too much use causes burning of the skin. Ideal is twice: morning and late afternoon.

    Dab on the sores with a cotton swab, then wait for it to dry before putting a bandage on. The stingy-itch is the sign that healing is happening. I watched scabs form on open staph sores that somehow appeared on my arm years ago within 30 minutes of bubbling action.

    Note: the bottle does not talk about topical application; the directions are for ingestion, which is fine according to those instructions. An experienced naturopathic healer told me about the topical application of this fantastic formula.

    It is fine for folks to call me on this topic: 641-209-3071.

    Kindra is 100% correct; expect an unfolding “slow kill” of those whose immune systems are weak for any reason.

    The most thorough deep investigative journalism on the Gulf Oil Leak are the writings of B.K. Lim:

    If I were there I would consider temporarily leaving very soon for at least a few months, going to a place where the air and water are better; I would head hundreds of miles north-west.

    May Truth Prevail…


  • Ruby

    If you have skin rash, malaise, muscle and joint pain, sore throat, headache, low body temp–my kids are 96.4F confirmed by doctor–or fever, ask your doctor to check for a mycoplama infection. these are classic symptoms and being seen in children in Tampa Florida area. it could be related to spill; I don’t know.

  • Ruby

    I mis-spelled that infection. It is MYCOPLASMA.

  • Riverspirit

    Regarding my 10/7 comment awaiting moderation: You can take out the part about chlorella if you suspect I’m an agent for Dr. Mercola (though it’s important because the good kind can be expensive)! Also the link to barefootdocs, since it’s already on your site.

  • pam

    Im very worried about Kindra and all the people down in the gulf area. If you look at the videos of her and other you-tubers, such as picolagregg, you can see the changes in their appearances from just 3 months ago. They look pale and drawn, tired and speech seems slurred…. they are being poisoned .. we as americans need to speak up for them . Tell our government to stop spraying dispersants… Time is running out for the residents of the gulf.



  • You should make a vid of people showing their rashes, each one saying “we need help”, put it on you tube. Show that it isn’t just one or two people with a rash, but many. That kind of Vid would go Viral.

  • “If you do not have a tree just near it?”

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