Kindra Arnesen: They’re still spraying us (VIDEO)

Kindra Arnesen Suffering Health Problems From Life In Southern Louisiana, ProjectGulfImpact, October 5, 2010:

At 6:10 in

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  • Canuck

    Oh man…aw jeez. Doctor won’t even look at her, just turns away and writes a prescription for something she hasn’t got and won’t diagnose or treat what she has got??? WTF is wrong with them?

    I hate to say it and I’m horrified to see Kindra affected like that but it’s happened, nothing will change that, and I hope she exploits it as much as she can, using those sores and the staph infection will lend more credibility to her movement than anything could.

    Go Kindra!!! And please get well, above all.

  • Debbie

    The government should have been more proactive and evauated the areas. I guess it easier/cheaper to kill people off than to get them to safety.

  • ouch!

    Kindra is such a bright, beautiful, charismatic, and caring person!!…I thought she had evacuated already?

    However, with reports of “sores” on plants all the way up to Canada from many people with gardens on You Tube, we’re ALL going to have to evacuate for safe food!!!

    And anti-environmentalists like Rush Limbaugh thought this oil stuff was all natural, no biggie! 😛

    Check out this tidbit, if you didn’t think the Fed. Govt. and BP response was nothing short of brain-dead CRAZY:

    “In handling Louisiana crude Corexit EC9500A (formerly called Corexit 9500) was 54.7% effective, while Corexit EC9527A was 63.4% effective.[29][30] The EPA lists 12 other types of dispersants as being more effective in dealing with oil in a way that is safe for wildlife.[7] One of those tested was Dispersit, which was 100% effective in dispersing Gulf oil and is less toxic to silverfish and shrimp than Corexit.[31]”
    (credit to Wikipedia)

  • ouch!

    What do you do when your govt. is certified insane during the worst disaster in history????

    I hope Kindra will evacuate?

  • Chelsea

    Wait until the pregnant women in the area have their babies. Mark my word. I was born in 1984, when there were virtually no protection for women concerning “maternity leave” and so forth. My mother worked in crude, in a plant that broke crude down to toluene, xylene, benzene, etc. Everything seemed fine with her pregnancy despite all of the toxins she was exposed to, until the beginning of the second trimester when her OB told her boss he’d sue him himself if she didn’t get a leave. I was born with 6 inches of necrotic (dead) large intestine. I am only here today due to the swift action of a doctor willing to do a colostomy on a neonate (in the 80’s). The other woman who worked with her (same plant, nearly same due dates)… her son was born severely mentally retarded. Big Oil has NEVER cared about anything but the $$$ they can bring in. I have two 7 inch scars across my stomach to prove it, and I’ve had 5 abdominal surgeries and numerous blockages… and I’m only 26.

  • In Plano

    The fact fact that Corexit is being used when there are more effective and SAFE alternatives indicates that the poisoning is being done INTENTIONALLY. There is no other excuse to use Corexit. To me it’s looking like this entire thing, including the rig explosion was done intentionally.



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