Kindra: “My body felt like it was attacking itself” on morning of November 2… “There’s people sick everywhere”; Vicki says “last week I felt like I was dying” (VIDEO)

Joannie Hughes, Kindra Arnesen and Vicky Perrin, Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana Radio, November 2, 2010:

Listen to the full show here:

Visit the Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana website:

10 comments to Kindra: “My body felt like it was attacking itself” on morning of November 2… “There’s people sick everywhere”; Vicki says “last week I felt like I was dying” (VIDEO)

  • Pat

    Video wouldn’t play.

  • xdrfox

    Work for me now.
    As bad as it is down there, they need to get out !/ That crap is all around them and no matter were the wind blows it will be on them. The oil that has been coming in is as deadly as the oil during the summer and much of that is still there. Kindra you will be no good to anyone if your in a bed or dead. And go back to the treatment you did on the back of your legs for you hip ! Worked on the legs so why not try it on the hip ! The water down there, where does it come from ? Are all BP,State and gov. workers drinking bottled water, you should ! You are breathing that crud in and you body was never designed to deal with it this long in even small amounts in the air. We have people with the crud here and You folks are at ground zero ! Every ones system is different threshold to what they can handle and how long,,,you girls done honey, get out, we don’t need NO MARTYRS !

  • xdrfox

    Someone down there buy some white filter mask and wear them for a week, change them each day and save. LQQK at the outside surface each day and have them tested for chemicals and oil ! Just like the absorbent pad they dropped in the waters and found oil an more, this should put a fire under someone if the test come back positive.

  • nosilverspoon

    People don’t realize they are dying. They think it will pass, and bam, they are dead, brainwashed in believing Doctors can help. Prescriptions are for the benefit and profit of big Pharma, who write the medical books. Meds don’t cure, they cover up. And they won’t/can’t do nothing for chemical poisoning except where the toxins cause infections. This poisonous shit lays in mostly the fatty tissues of the body until it presents itself as some kind life threatening bullshit. Then you are subjected to “treatments” for an illness they said didn’t exist or wasn’t caused by toxic crap in the first place! Fuk them and the shithole toilet bowl they created called amerika.

  • C.Dodds

    Kindra, I hope you have moved with your family away from the gulf. GET OUT and STAY OUT. even if you need to camp somewhere until you are better or find a job. You need to get well first. Many people know you stood up bravely and are sick because of it. So, If you need a job and advertise for one on this site, I think you might be offered one. I know if I needed a worker I would consider you.
    You have probably had a lot of nutritional advice. But, if you need some more, I can send you some. I am not a nutritionist, but I have been trained in research. Kindra, Just indicate your needs on this website. You hhave lots of friends.

  • Get out of the area quick! Kindra, you should of not gone out on the boat to get samples gir.

  • xdrfox

    Human nature to think you are stronger than your adversary. It does not work like that with chemicals. Your brain is being fried like the theirs in Alaska ! Oil and Corexit wins ! Poor otters …

  • Heidengxiahuo one by one to ask dorm brothers finally have a brother that he computer memory yet, and immediately use

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