“Kitty litter” scoopers now used by BP contract workers to find buried oil (VIDEO)

Columbus Day Navarre Beach Pensacola Beach Oil And Tar Part 2, pcolagregg, October 11, 2010:

(at 0:45 in)

6 comments to “Kitty litter” scoopers now used by BP contract workers to find buried oil (VIDEO)

  • I have an idea!

    Everyone donate a real shovel to these bp workers and have them bury the shovels beneath the sand when they leave every day. Or when a rep from bp comes, bury the shovels real quick in the holes they’re digging and pick up the poopy scooper and start fishing around the surface like they are instructed. Don’t you wonder why they don’t want this oil removed when they’re already out there anyway on bp’s dime? What is the real reason they want the oil to stay?

  • I have an idea!

    AND, don’t forget to have the workers smash up all the large pieces in the buckets as if they scooped with the poopy scoopers. shoop shoop ba doop, scoop scoop that poop. bp sucks.

  • I have an idea!

    If bp won’t remove it, the people will remove it.

  • Digging will be required to control the VOC’s.

    We have the tech, we have the people, with a valid purchase order we will have the money.

    All we lack is a community leader with authority to make the order and the will to do it.

    Talk is easy on the TV to complain that BP is not doing it.

    We are set for action, all it takes now is a word.

  • premurderedGOM

    How in the hell can you remove oil that keeps coming in? Probably for hundreds of years. Morons.

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Keep digging. I see more oil. Where’s Tony Hayward? Not here? Bullshit! Go get him.

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